Ruhlman Raises the Food Blogging Bar

Michael Ruhlman, a prominent food writer (his latest book, “The Reach Of A Chef” is pictured above) known for his co-writing credits with celebrity chefs Thomas Keller and Eric Ripert, has now launched a food blog.


Ruhlman got the blogging bug when he wrote for Meg Hourihan’s blog for six weeks earlier this year. It was by far the best food writing on a blog that I’ve seen to date, so I’m sure he’ll be raising the bar for the rest of us “amateurs” with his new project. I’m also sure we’ll see some interesting repartee in the blog comments by Tony Bourdain on there as well, as the two love to bust each other’s chops.

UPDATE: See Ruhlman and Bourdain debate the New Jersey Foie Gras bill at Salon.

3 Responses to Ruhlman Raises the Food Blogging Bar

  1. ruhlman says:

    thanks, jason, i’m excited to be in the company of you and meg and the rest.

  2. megnut says:

    Jason, could you change the URL to I just got that set up for him and I’d rather that be the URL that gets publicized. Thanks. And yes, how great is this going to be?! It was my plan all along… :)

  3. Looking forward to reading both Megnut and Ruhlman .. daily!

    Your insights into the vast ever-expanding culinary world make my day complete …

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