Dexter: Strangely Compelling and Totally Whacked

So I admit, the new Showtime series “Dexter” is an incredible show. If you can get past the fact that the main character (starring Michael C. Hall) is like a combination between Jeffrey Dahmer and Gil Grissom on CSI, and you can sit thru the scenes where he abducts and chops up the bad guys (child molesters and rapists) and then collects blood slides of each of his victims as a souvenir, it’s a great new series to add to your TiVo To Do list.

I loved Hall on Six Feet Under as the gay undertaker, but this role as the funny, charming and asexual Miami forensics expert gone psycho really makes use of his talents as a character actor. There are many times during the first epsiode when you say to yourself “I can’t beleive I actually enjoy watching this” due to the gruesome and sick nature of the subject, but I think that its Hall’s performance that makes the whole thing incredibly compelling to watch. I particularly love the funny repertoire between him and the abrasive black sargeant character, who apparently is the only person in the police precinct that thinks he’s a psychopath. Uh, doesn’t everyone else notice that the guy decorates his cube with framed blood spatter patterns, as if they were pop artwork?

Oh yeah, he’s a foodie too.

One Response to Dexter: Strangely Compelling and Totally Whacked

  1. E. Nassar says:

    oh crap! Now, I need to get Showtime. I saw the previewes for this show and was very intrigued, but hoped it might not be worth watching. I guess I was wrong. Maybe I’ll catch the reruns or the DVd release.

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