When Life Hands You Too Many Tomatoes, Make Paste!

Photo: An ambundance of summer tomatoes at the Teaneck NJ Farmers Market. (Jason Perlow)

In the middle of a transcendent BLT, I felt the sadness coming on. It happens every year, around the end of summer. How, I worry, can I possibly make it through another winter bereft of the pleasures of the season’s perfect tomatoes? We are blessed with superior vegetables year-round in California, but no one has yet figured out how to produce a winter tomato that is more than an unpleasant reminder of sunnier days. But California farmers have outdone themselves this year: Tomatoes have been more succulent and plentiful than ever. So I armed myself with 20 pounds of my favorite, dry-farmed Early Girls from Dirty Girl Produce, an organic farm in Santa Cruz, and started working on how to preserve their intense, sweet essence through the dark winter ahead… Every day, the volume is reduced by half, until after three or four days you have a stiff, glossy brick-red paste that tastes of nothing but tomatoes and the sun…

I also miss the bright taste of the juicy summer tomatoes as wintery darkness descends but now I think this solution makes the best sense of all .. well worth reading if the tomatoes are one of your favorites fruits/vegetables …

Capture The Sun (LA Times)

reported by Melissa Goodman 

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