Variations On a Theme: Great Hot Dog Taste Challenge

Photo: Brazilian-Style Hot Dogs challenge American traditional notions of frankfurter toppings (Jason Perlow)

While I have read many articles on hot dogs and their toppings (many of which our Jason Perlow has shown us right here!), this particular article seems to combine two American favorites with surprisingly interesting results:

The Minnesota Hotdish Hot Dog — a hot dog topping recipe created by Jill Blissenbach of St. Paul, Minn., that includes cheddar cheese, cream of mushroom soup mixed with green beans and French fried onions — won the title of America’s Greatest Tasting Hot Dog Topping Recipe at Ball Park’s Great Hot Dog Taste Challenge this summer, earning Blissenbach $25,000 and a lifetime of bragging rights. The Challenge, visited eight U.S. cities to find creative hot dog topping recipes deserving of the prestige of being called the greatest tasting. In each city, local residents competed against one another for a chance at culinary fame and glory, and regional winners were flown to Minnesota’s Mall of America for a hot dog topping recipe showdown. The creator of the recipe with the most originality, greatest taste, best presentation and that best captured the local flair and flavor of the creator’s hometown city was awarded $25,000 from Ball Park …

Other regional favorite winners include:

Charleston: Aphrodite Dog … Raleigh: Sweet Carolina… Baltimore: Big Mama’s Dog … Philadelphia: Philly Cheesesteak Dog … Northeast Ohio: The Y-Towner… Detroit: The Chili Joe Hot Dog… Chicago: Nacho Mama…

You’ll have to read the article to see which toppings were the most interesting … some were no-brainers while others boggle the mind in their outlandish inventiveness.

Who on earth would have conceived of using that traditional Thanksgiving green bean casserole as a topping?

and what is it that makes people want to experiment with hot dog toppings?

Move Over Ketchup and Mustard, There’s a New Hot Dog Topping in Town (KSBI-TV Oklahoma)

reported by Melissa Goodman

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