Changing the Way Americans Eat, a Dumpling Manifesto

Photo: A selection of dumplings from our favorite Dim Sum parlors in Northern NJ (Jason Perlow).

The Chinese dumpling is a magnificent product of the human imagination: At its best, it is charming in appearance, chewy and savory, and can trigger a head rush like sashimi or blue cheese. Such dumplings are not impossible to find in the United States… the dumpling has arrived here in bastardized form, as similar to the real thing as Kraft Parmesan cheese is to its ancestors. That’s why it’s time for a dumpling revolution…If dumplings are to follow this path to made-in-America greatness, we must understand what plagues our dumplings. Let’s start with the skin. As any serious aficionado will tell you, the skin makes or breaks a dumpling… Shanghai is the source of China’s most seductive dumpling: the soup-filled xiaolongbao, a dish that can easily become a lifelong obsession…

I was more than impressed with this well-conceived article from Slate Magazine … if you find comfort and wellbeing in a pastry pocket as I do (after all isn’t a knish actually a bit of heaven wrapped in dough??) … do enjoy the article …

A Dumpling Manifesto (

reported by Melissa Goodman

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