Electromagnetic Propulsion

Roger Shawyer has developed an engine with no moving parts that he believes can replace rockets and make trains, planes and automobiles obsolete. “The end of wings and wheels” is how he puts it. It’s a bold claim. Of course, any crackpot can rough out plans for a warp drive. What they never show you is evidence that it works. Shawyer is different. He has built a working prototype to test his ideas, and as a respected spacecraft engineer he has persuaded the British government to fund his work. Now organisations from other parts of the world, including the US air force and the Chinese government, are beating a path to his tiny company. The device that has sparked their interest is an engine that generates thrust purely from electromagnetic radiation – microwaves to be precise – by exploiting the strange properties of relativity. It has no moving parts, and releases no exhaust or noxious emissions. Potentially, it could pack the punch of a rocket in a box the size of a suitcase. It could one day replace the engines on almost any spacecraft. More advanced versions might allow cars to lift from the ground and hover. It could even lead to aircraft that will not need wings at all. I can’t help thinking that it sounds too good to be true.

Relativity drive: The end of wings and wheels? – fundamentals – 08 September 2006 – New Scientist Tech

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  2. MERLIN says:

    Having seen a ion craft lift off, I dont think many of us are concerned with the mag force for lift.
    Its the POWER that is the present problem.
    If you have to take Hoover Dam and all the water for hydro production with you, then it becomes a serious problem.

  3. Adam says:

    Thanks for posting this! I find it extremely interesting.

    In my mind, I have been working on something that uses electricity, coils, magnets, harmonics(vibrations) that produces propulsion, this may be an answer to my question. Where’s a video clip that I can see it work? I know that if the right minds get together humans have a fighting chance at visiting the stars in the near future.

    I can only hope that people like Nikola Tesla are never forgotten.

    Write me anytime.

    • Kevin says:

      Hey adam, I’ve been working on that exact same idea, if you want we could collaborate ideas and work together.. I’ve also been thinking of the use of microwaves as a way of propulsion as well, just looked it up and found this site, surprised his idea is alot like mine.. Anyway I think there is more then one way to provide propulsion, but like stated before the required energy is now the remaining problem.. But with some good minds and some thought, using magnets, electro magnetic forces, superconductors, I think it is attainable to create this power.. If you want to talk over this, then feel free to IM me on AIM at avengertypet, or email me at kevssj4@comcast.net, just put in subject line something relating to this topic so I don’t accidently delete it..

  4. Tim says:

    Why not ask or put forth the idea to the Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel to try it out. I it works and they show it, then the popularity of this propulsion system will sky rocket (like the “lifter” has). I do think this propulsion system is a good start for space travel. Although, I have thought up better ones, like a variation of the Biefeld Brown Effect. If you think you want to contact me send me an e-mail to timothykoegel@yahoo.com. Although I am not a certified physcist or anything like that, I do have a substancial understaning of the principles of electromagnetism. I also tend to think that Electromagnetism is the driving force of the universe (Unified field theory). Also, I think Electromagnetism is simply movement or inertia of electrons upon protons and other electrons. I don’t think the Neutron really exists. I think the Neutron is simply an effect of electron movement.

  5. D-Man says:

    Please send video of the engine at work. Im am very enterested in new technology and am planing to go to collage for physics and enginering.

  6. Rocky Whitham says:

    i know you will some day be able to do everything you hope you can, right now on earth we have a big problem with jet engine exhaust. i have an idea to lower jet engine exhaust by 50% or more. using electromagnetic propulsion. i need the help of someone like you Mr. Shawyer. i know this will work i have built a working prototype. this will save millions of gallons of fuel, save the airlines milliions of dollars, and clean up the air around the world. please if you can help contact me at this email address. thank you. this will work now, and fund your ideas.

  7. J Bame says:

    The technology exists for this and many other fantastic concepts to work effectively and economically. It is just a matter of believing they can be achieved and then working thru the material/technology hurdles and the present belief systems of industry and society that cannot accept huge quantum leaps in humanity’s ability to produce clean, safe, powerful and reliable energy.

  8. franliln says:

    I think elctromagnetism will be the future means of propulsion. But a lot will have to be done..it’s not gonna be too long before we start using it. I’ve an inspiration to use electromagnetism to propel the ”world” . All I need is access to some materials with which to do a demontsration of what I have proved theoritically (on paper) but have not been able to carry-out experimentally (practically). Contact me if you wanna work with some to be the one to unlock the electromagnetic propulsion enigma. franklinxc@yahoo.com

  9. IJG says:

    I beleive it may create some sort of energy force .
    I still say an ion accumulater is the showboat of all the power functions we may need for now.
    I wanna build something like the ufo’s who harness energy from our electrical storms!
    Wanna Help? I got some idea’s & thats half the battle.

  10. jb says:

    The answer to propulsion using some type of motor, is defeating the goal in my opinion. The solution to using “gravity” as propusion, has been right in front of our eyes all along. One example… drop a block of wood, it will land on any side, none in particular. Why??? Since all matter is put together by accumulative forces of atomic charge, the obvious should soon be apparent when this simple action is studied. The forces, always move under submission of the greater force. It goes much further than that. BUT weapons will be the first use, not the improvement of mankind. As usual.

  11. CM says:

    The diagram showing the direction of force – very interesting. Could you apply that as a piston driven engine? Maybe replace piston ignition with force? There would be no exhaust or intake. Just a a passing thought.

  12. jerame says:

    Why not use solar power to accumilate the energy to run the electromagnet.

  13. Jm says:

    It always seems a question of the power source being efficient for the weight not if the thrust works of not. I like the idea of using a supper conductor, ionizing the air around a craft, then using a current or magnetic charges to manipulate the ionized air to create a propulsion flow of air around the craft. There would be no stressful structural problems since the focal point of thrust would be around the entire craft. Still an efficient power source is needed.

  14. Don Osborn says:

    you would have equal force on both ends, so it wouldn’t move, how would you direct most of the force to one end or the other? than how to throttle or control the amount of force on the one end?

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