Oil: A Grand-Scale Conspiracy

Today, a title like this would bring to mind something about Iraq before anything else. But this is a food blog primarily and therefore we must look toward what is happening in our kitchens and on our plates. When one eats in restaurants, regardless of how cautious we try to be, oil rears its ugly/lovely head. From Ha’aretz comes this interesting article on what is actually going on …

These chefs and others reveal several restaurant practices that may prove hazardous to dieters, and they also suggest how to counteract them. Yes, that’s right: Even these contain oil, and more than a bit. Fat is what sells food in restaurants, says Deborah Fabricant. Another professional makes another heartbreaking confession. “I had to lightly fry all the vegetables and roast the potatoes in duck fat,” David C. Potts, a California chef and restaurant consultant bemoans. “Even in a dish of spinach I dropped two generous spoonfuls of butter.” Grilled vegetables are marinated in an oil-based sauce. Before grilling they are brushed with oil – and again before serving, for appearance. What to do? Chefs, it appears, have a habit of lavishing bread or buns with fat so they don’t stick to the grill while being toasted. This alone adds 50 calories. In addition, the crust is spread with mayonnaise; apparently that is how the attractive golden hue is achieved. What to do? Responsible diners who happen to find themselves at an Italian restaurant usually order pasta pomodoro. Sounds innocent, true, but in fact this dish too is swimming in oil, the chefs reveal. A large portion of oil is required to prepare the sauce, and it starts with the frying of the onion.

Health Salads? They’re Also Out To Get You (Haaretz.com)

reported by Melissa Goodman

3 Responses to Oil: A Grand-Scale Conspiracy

  1. mikelbarnz says:

    This is news? :)

    “At this point the waiter probably already hates you, but what do you care – you just saved 50 calories. ”

    I want to have this person drawn and quartered.

  2. This is a very interesting article. I guess it’s best to stay at home if you are dieting… Frustrating the wait staff may exchange calories for germs!

  3. Danno says:

    Totally true, after all we’re not in the buisness of diets, we’re in the business of making food taste good. Fat is flavor, and true to nature’s twisted sense of humor, the worse it is for you, the better it tastes!

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