NJ Dining: Moksha

Moksha Restaurant
1655-200 Oak Tree Road
Edison, 08820
(732) 947-3010

Web site: http://www.moksharestaurants.com

Lately we’ve had a bit of a concentration on Indian Food here at OTB — and that’s no coincidence, because its a cuisine that I feel I have been remiss in covering and experiencing the last several years and I’m now catching up. Certainly, I’ve had my share of good Indian food, but as Indian Food is mostly represented here in this country, and in Northern New Jersey, you only get to see a small fraction of the variety and diversity of cuisine that is available in India. In the US, Northern-style, Punjabi food (where the Tandoor oven is the focus of attention) is the most common. Southern-style food, which is more focused on curries and wok-style dishes (the Indian wok, the Tava, has a similar function) and does not use the Tandoor at all, is only available in the larger cities and almost always is never showcased at a fine restaurant — its typically relegated to Taxi-driver dives and holes-in-the wall in working-class neighborhoods.

While I’ve got no problems eating a taxi-driver dive, I suspect many people would like to experience Southern-style Indian food in a more comfortable and more approachable setting. That wish has now been granted in the form of Moksha (which is named after the Hindu term for liberation from worldly existence) a new, fine dining restaurant in Edison’s Oak Tree Center managed by the Mehtani Restaurant Group, who also owns the Moghul and Ming (Indo-Chinese) restaurants in the Northern NJ area.

Storefront in Oak Tree Center, Edison

The view by the entrance

Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below to see photos of food at Moksha.

Booth by front entrance

These chips, made from lentil flour, are highly addictive and come with a great pair of chutneys, onion and coconut.

The spread before hitting the table.

Tamarind Rice

Thenga Manga Pattani Sundal (Mango & Peas Salad) Medley of raw mango, coconut, and cooked dried peas, topped with chopped coriander, green chilies, and ginger

Malla Yetti Neerulli (Lobster Curry)

Crispy fried shrimps with sesame, ginger, cracker chili, and fennel

Crispy tilapia fish with fenugreek leaves, curry leaves, and chili

Baby Eggplant with Sesame

Mysore Chili Chicken

Crispy Fried Okra with Dry Spices

Nandu Puttu (Crab Salad)

Lamb Curry, by far the spiciest dish of the evening.

Dhosas, which are a thicker and more sourdough homestyle type than normally served at Dhosa specialist places.

A pistachio pudding dessert.

Indian-Style fruit salad

White Pumpkin Dessert

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