The $25 Waygu Weiner

The article appeared in Newsday earlier in the summer, but I think its still pretty interesting.

Hamptons $25 Franks Are a ‘Hot Dog’ (Newsday)

$25 Hot Dog Photo Gallery (click)

“The Laundry, one of East Hampton’s toniest eateries, has been offering a foot-long beef frank since the beginning of July. They’re selling like, well, hot dogs. These wieners come complete with a jumbo grilled bun …the hot dog actually costs $32.16 – “It’s a whimsical dish,” This frank is made of gourmet Wagyu beef from California, which comes from individually massaged cattle as well. “We have an eclectic menu,” he said. “Something for everybody.” For the record, the hot dog costs more than the restaurant’s hamburger ($17).”

Would you shell out this kind of money for a Waygu weiner? I’ll just bet that it is well worth the tab …

reported by Melissa Goodman

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