Der HindenBimmer: Hydrogen Powered BMW 7-Series

Photo: 2007 BMW 7-Series Sedan.

MUNICH, Germany: BMW plans to introduce the world’s first hydrogen-powered luxury performance car, saying it will be built in a limited edition in Europe and eventually sold in the United States.

The car, known as the Hydrogen 7, is equipped with an internal combustion engine capable of running on either hydrogen or gasoline and is based on BMW’s 7 Series.

Bayerische Motoren Werke claims its hydrogen technology minimizes emissions of carbon dioxide. Running in the hydrogen mode, the Hydrogen7 essentially emits nothing but water vapor, BMW said.

The car’s engine is powered by a 260- horsepower, 12-cylinder engine and accelerates from zero to 62.1 miles, or 99 kilometers, an hour in 9.5 seconds. The top speed is limited electronically to 143 miles an hour.

BMW Plans Hydrogen-Powered Luxury Car (AP Newswire)

3 Responses to Der HindenBimmer: Hydrogen Powered BMW 7-Series

  1. Pan says:

    Great! But where is the hydrogen coming from?

  2. BMW to build World’s first Hydrogen-Powered Luxury

    The German automaker will call the to be historic vehicle the Hydrogen 7, and will build a limited edition of the car in Europe which will be sold to the U.S. market, BMW said in a statement. The Hydrogen 7 will be equipped with an internal combustio…

  3. bmw dude says:

    in this edition the fuel economy too was boosted. it was an excellent new model from the house of BMW.

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