The Russian Invasion of New Jersey Gas Stations

If you’re a Jersey resident, you’ve probably been wondering what’s been happening with all your Mobil and Getty stations — they’ve all been turning into LUKOILs (US Site).

LUKOIL (Russia Site) the largest petroleum company in Russia, now operates 2000 service stations across the Atlantic seaboard which used to be Mobil and Getty (now a fully owned subsidiary of Lukoil) nearly 800 of which are in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The first Getty conversion actually occurred in 2003, but there has been a recent flash in LUKOIL-izing the legacy Mobils and Gettys.

My hope is that the LUKOIL quickie marts are going to replace those crappy fast food plastic wrapped processed food sandwiches with pirozhki and Katlyeti. And maybe some decent Russian tea instead of that service station coffee rot-gut. Hey, they already appear to make their own brands of preserves. Super Unleaded with Marmalade Scones and Sour Cherry Tea anyone?

Oh, and I thought this part of the Q&A on the LUKOIL site was quite interesting:

QUESTION: Does this mean that LUKOIL will be providing the US with a new, non-Middle Eastern source of gasoline?
ANSWER: Yes. LUKOIL will displace some of the Middle Eastern oil presently imported by the United States.
QUESTION: Is this oil being imported directly from Russia?
ANSWER: Most of LUKOIL’s exports are from Russia.

LUKOIL … ve have vays of makink you fill your tank.

5 Responses to The Russian Invasion of New Jersey Gas Stations

  1. MJP says:

    If you want some good Russian food with your gas, down on Route 9, there’s the Emporium stations. Southbound (I forget where exactly) they have a really huge Russian deli that has all sorts of great stuff. The Bulgarian feta is not to be missed, the olives are fantastic, and their pastries are also greatness. There’s one northbound just before the big mall and the Parkway North exit, but I haven’t seen the food so I can’t comment.

    Lukoil still can’t beat the prices of other local stations, though. Maybe one day, but until then, I’ll just search for gas prices online, thanks.

  2. AR says:

    The Emporium station that MJP is referring to is in Old Bridge on Rt 9 South. It’s right before Fairway Lane, near the Glenwood Country Club.

  3. mikolarus says:

    what about the quality of this kinda gas? Is it better? Or there’s no difference?

  4. stas says:

    lukoil sales a best rocket fuel as gasoline. If you feel your car in lukoil station then your car most likely will be able to fly!

  5. Micheal says:

    The best gas is Shell gas no other corporate company Example: Mobile Gulf Lukoil Bp has better gas than shell. As far as lukoil gas being rocket fuel i dont think so even if you were being sarcastic it still comes from russia and russians dont have a history of making something and then working how do i know this im from afghanistan and none of their weapons worked when they invaded in the 80’s lol. So if you want your car from breaking down go with shell. I own a gas statoin (not a shell) my gas is good but Shell is elite and yea i see the emporium on my way home too their gas is okay too. They get it from the same terminal i get it from in elizabeth Conocophillips.

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