The Insane Brazilian Hot Dog

So if yesterday’s shots and video of the Brazilian Independence Day Festival in Newark haven’t gotten you crazy hungry, you need to check out this insane, over the top hot dog that was being served there:

As I’ve talked about in a previous post, Brazilians are totally condiment and topping crazy when it comes to their sandwiches and junk food.

Loadin’ it up.

I’m not sure I completely remember what went on this dog — but I can see mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, peas, corn, carrots, onions, potato stix and parmesan cheese. According to the concession vendor, if you were in Brazil, you’d likely have twice the amount of stuff on it.

Yes, we made a big mess of our shirts and the street trying to eat this thing.

16 Responses to The Insane Brazilian Hot Dog

  1. Kevin at TasteTV says:

    We haven’t covered this topic yet on TasteTV, but from the looks of these pictures, we sure should! ( Plus, we love Brazilian Food!

  2. J. Slab says:

    what great shots!

    it does look pretty extravagant, tho with all those veggies a strip of bacon or slice of grilled ham might provide a little balance. or even braised short-ribs, boulud-style.

    –J. Slab
    The Porkchop Express

  3. spamwise says:

    was it good?

    and did you have any pepto-bismol afterwards? ;)

  4. […] Photo: Brazilian-Style Hot Dogs challenge American traditional notions of frankfurter toppings (Jason Perlow) […]

  5. Starr says:

    Oh my soul! I’ve been to Brazil but somehow missed seeing these at a street vendor!
    Not sure I would try it w/ the peas, corn & carrots though. The potato sticks & parmesan look interesting though.

  6. Justme says:

    I’ve had em in the streets of Sao Paulo. Don’t remember the peas and parmesan, but everything else is what I had. Also, mashed potatoes. I’ve tried making this for family, but they really didn’t recieve it well. Word of advice, use bigger hogie buns :) holds more.

  7. Chicky says:

    They are delicious. I lived in Brazil and they were my favorite. I don’t remember the peas, but usually it had mashed potatoes, which were delicious.

  8. Cibby says:

    Oh my goodness, I’d forgotten about those. When I visited Brazil several years ago, the hot dog street vendors were one of my favorite places to eat. Sitting at a rickety table with my loaded hot dog and little plastic cup of Guarana, that was fabulous.

  9. kpanga says:

    how much was that?

  10. Everson says:

    Mashed potatoes are tipical from Sao Paulo. From one of the photos, I see that there’s a Rio Grande do Sul flag on the stand (this would be South Brazil, where I live). The hot dog seems like the tipical hot dog from Porto Alegre (capital): peas, corn, potato sticks (we call them “potato straw”), tomato sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, grated parmesan cheese. Missing: chopped green onions or parsley. No carrots.

    There’s a hot dog stand here in Porto Alegre called Rosario. They’ve been doing hot dogs like that for more than 45 years. Very traditional.

  11. gabi says:

    everybody keeps saying they dont remember the peas, buhh istead had mashed potatoes n it.
    the reason why is because different parts of brazil serve it a different way. im from rio and in rio we DO NOT have ANYYY mashed potatoes on ours. we get everything else though.:)

  12. Kyokidayo says:

    Perfect! I was just telling a friend about my recent hot dog experience here in Brazil! Thanks for sharing your experience. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have believed me. :o)

  13. Joe says:

    I am married to a Brazilian and the hot dog is at least every other week for sure . We do not use the peas as a rule but everything else is a go . Try topping with those potatoe sticks you get in a can in the chip section of the grocery .

  14. andre says:

    aew brazil..
    i liked all the comments, and since im brazilian, i must say thanks to u guys ’cause nobody said its bad and stuffs… if u put smashed potatoes, maybe u were near campinas, city where i live

  15. Stefan says:

    I was in brazil, and the hotdog I had there was about three times the size of that one(not the actual dog, it was smaller, but the amount of stuff put on top was imense), it had mashed potatoes, lot’s of different types of spread on cheeses, some sort of ground meat, and so much stuff that just melded together. It was disgusting to look at, disgusting to eat, but somehow it tasted alright. My brazillian friend who had been to canada before complained to no end about the hotdogs in Montreal and New York not being to what she was used to(not filling enough, when she wanted a full meal).. And i complained to no end about the hotdog in Sao Paulo not being what i was used to.. Guess you can never please everyone.

  16. Paul says:

    Since I was introduced to these I can’t even look at the USA or UK’s excuses for hotdogs. First one I saw was in Rio, but I couldn’t pluck up the courage to go for it right then so the first one I ate was in Petropolis about a year later. In Rio they have a habit of sticking a couple of hardboiled quails eggs on top. I have never heard of mashed potato, but its peas all the way for me. Reminds me of acarajai with the way in which everything is piled in there until its an adventure to try and eat it. Bring it on!!

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