New Jersey’s Top Dogs


The BLT Dog and Hawaii-Five-O at Amazing Hot Dog in Verona.

The Grilled dog at Syd’s in Union.

Peter Genovese’s “Munchmobile” crew spent the entire summer visiting nearly 90 hot dog places in Northern New Jersey. Which ones came out on top?

The Top Dogs (Newark Star Ledger)


Amazing Hot Dog (click for OTB podcast) won for best deep fried dog and Hiram’s in Fort Lee won for best Chili dog. Syds in Union grabbed the gold for the best grilled dog. These are three of my most favorite hot dog places, ever.

Although the Star Ledger primarily covers Northern New Jersey, I wish there had been more coverage of Central and South Jersey dogs, because I think more places like the Windmill (which got Second Place in Chili Dogs in their survey) deserve some ‘lovin as well.

So many hot dogs, so little time.

6 Responses to New Jersey’s Top Dogs

  1. Rob says:

    Syd’s is closed. The last time I drove by, earlier this past week, it looked like the center in which Syds was located had been gutted. I think to make room for a large store – like a staples or home depot or something.

  2. John Fox says:

    Syd’s is not closed. There are renovations being made to the entire strip mall, but I was at Syd’s a few days ago and talked to the owner today. They are and have been open. Their lease is up in November and there is the possibility that they may move. Eric, the owner, told me today that they are trying to remain where they are, but if it doesn’t happen, there is a place about a block away that he is looking at. Other potential locations include Springfield and Florham Park, both of which are fairly close to where Syd’s is now located.

  3. […] With the release of the Newark Star-Ledger’s 2006 Jersey hot dog ratings, which will send seismic waves throughout the hot dog universe for some time to come, the Jersey Dog again finds itself in the spotlight of hot dog lovers everywhere. Perhaps the Jersey Dog will become the subject of some form of blue-collar gastrotourism, and that’s just fine as far as I am concerned — I’d rather that our Garden State be known as the Hot Dog capital of the world instead of the butt of “She told me to kiss her where it smells — so I brought her to Jersey” jokes. […]

  4. Rob says:

    wow. i believe you, but i can’t believe that it was there when it totally looked like it had been knocked down. oh well. disregard prior message then.

  5. […] Having recently read the Munchmobile’s results regarding the top NJ dogs and their glowing review of Hiram’s chili dog, I had to go see what the fuss  was about for myself. […]

  6. Dog Boy says:

    Syd’s Really is gone. As of July 2007, the store is becoming a “5 Guy’s” Burger joint. (I frequent one of their outlets in So. Jersey – and recommend checking it out when they open there).

    I asked the folks in the kosher meat market where Syd’s was, what happened. Apparently, in or around October 2006, they moved / joined up with another shop not far away – however that venture went belly up.
    I ended up buying some of the Hebrew National (collagen) casing dogs from the kosher meat market. Not what i was looking for!

    Hope this isn’t the end of the Syd’s story!

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