NJ Dining: El Paso II

El Paso II
(201) 385-0266
71 S Washington Ave
Bergenfield, NJ

I hate it when favorite restaurants of mine close. Sometimes, it just plain happens without warning, and then you get this horrible empty feeling inside that you’ll never be able to experience that kind of food prepared that exact same way again

Recently, this happened when Mi Pueblo Grocery in Bergenfield recently closed down. Mi Pueblo had become an important spot for me, a place where I could go and grab a quick and cheap lunch in-between my usual home office workday drudgery of preparing system integration proposals and focusing my otherwise food-obsessed mind on more mundane, technical matters. And it was one of the few places locally I could go and buy avocados that were already ripened and get a number of staples used in Latino cooking without having to get on line at the supermarket or drive more than 5 minutes away.

Fortunately, what happened was simply a change of ownership, and the people that took over I already knew — they owned another Mexican grocery in Englewood — El Paso, a much smaller place on Palisade Ave but with equally good Tacos. In some respects, I actually think a few of their items are better, such as their Cecina.

While the food has not changed radically, Here are El Paso II’s tacos, however, for points of comparison:

El Paso II’s tacos have all the trimmings you expect from an authentic Mexican taco, but they also put guacamole on it, which I think is a nice touch.

Carne Enchilada Taco

Cecina Taco (aged beef)

Chicken Quesadilla. These are griddle cooked instead of deep fried.

The store now has a freezer selection of Paletas, made by El Paleton in Passaic. Paletas are Mexican ice cream and ice pops, and they are quite good.

5 Responses to NJ Dining: El Paso II

  1. Randi says:

    At least you still have options. Where I live, no one knows what Mexican food is. I really miss it since leaving SoCal. But, I’ve become really good and preparing it. My spouse pleads with me to make her a burrito’s. I make the beans from scratch too. Oh and avocado’s are so freaking cheap here because no one every buys them. I’ve tried to serve quacamole at parties and most people tell me they don’t like it. It’s so frustrating.

  2. TongoRad says:

    I’ve also made a trip since the change of ownership and the ball has most definitely not been dropped. I had the chorizo, which was fine, but am looking forward to the cecina (one of my favorites, in general). Glad to hear it has improved. You can order the tacos in groups of two if you like a little variety. It’s not shown in the photos, but it is nice that you also get some strips of nopales with the plate of tacos.

  3. […] NOTE: Mi Pueblo has changed ownership and is now El Paso II (click for new review). […]

  4. Maddog says:

    I went there today for lunch. The carnitas were mostly chopped up bones! YUCK! The biftek tacos were just passable. At least the two ladies working there were nice and friendly. I guess I should have known what was in store for me when I was the only one there at 12 – 12:30 and the shelves were rather barren.

    My suggestion is to just keep traveling north up Washington Ave to La Batalla.

  5. Leslie Nieves says:

    Hi my name is Leslie and I’m a memeber of the Lion of Judah A/G church. We are interest in a fund raiser with your Paletas (Mexican ice cream/ice pops) and we would like more information on them and your business.

    If someone can be so kind enough to email me back, I will truly appreciate it.

    I look forward in speaking with someone.

    God bless.

    Leslie Nieves

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