NJ Dining: Piccomolo (Franchise has been changed)

Note: Piccomolo is now Yolato.

725 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ
(201) 943-7799

Summer is coming to an and, but that still doesn’t stop the joy of eating great ice cream. Earlier in the summer I am quite happy to have discovered, somewhat by accident, an authentic style Italian gelato place run by — get this — Texans. The Edgewater location appears to be managed entirely by Koreans, not that it matters much.

Unlike Ciao Bella, which originates from the NY metro area and has a lot of stores across the country, Piccomolo is a much smaller chain originating from Texas, and despite the Little Italy roots of Ciao Bella, I think the gelato here is a lot more like the kind you’d find in Italy, with flavors that are traditionally Italian and with an actual mouthfeel and texture much more closely resembling the real deal.

The store has a nice relaxing atmosphere, with lounge chairs, an entertainment center with a plasma TV, as well as laptops connected to the Internet for customers to browse with.

Gelato, being made with milk as opposed to heavy cream, has an entirely different texture than your typical ice cream and completely different fat content as well as much lower amount of incorporated air or “overrun”. I also appreciate that they are holding the gelato at the proper temperature here, so that it isn’t too hard or that it wont re-freeze and crystallize.

Pistachio Gelato with Vanilla Almond

Peanut Butter / Banana

Next door to Piccomolo is another interesting place — a hotel for dogs. Here busy professionals leave their animals here for day care services where they are played with by the staff, and they even have a mock living room with a bed for the dogs to sleep on and watch TV.

No, I’m not kidding.

2 Responses to NJ Dining: Piccomolo (Franchise has been changed)

  1. Leslie Jividen says:

    I used to board my two dogs at a similar place when I lived in California. I wasn’t much more than the regular boarding fee anywhere else… maybe an additional $60 over the weekly rate. We had previously kept them at the vet’s office but stopped when they told us that they had to separate the boys because they were “mounting each other”. LOL! We had always joked that they were a couple but they frowned upon it at the vet’s office. Anyway, knowing that they were comfortable (read: not balled up in a cage for a week) and well taken care of was really nice and worth the extra cash.

  2. Dorothy says:

    I have been to Piccomolo twice hoping it will get better, but it just does not. If you have been to Italy and savored authentic gelato, Piccomolo will greatly diappoint.
    I recommend any ice cream shop over Piccomolo in a heart beat.

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