NJ Dining: Blockheads (CLOSED)

Note: Blockheads Burritos in Tenafly has re-opened as Green Door Cafe.

Blockheads Burritos
Corner of Piermont and River Edge Road, Tenafly NJ

I love my little Northern New Jersey town, Tenafly. It’s quiet, the people are nice, and it’s a safe and affluent community. But frankly, when it comes to dining options, we don’t have a hell of a lot of choices. Restaurants tend to go out of business pretty quickly because of the high rents, and frankly the town really doesn’t want a lot of restaurants there.

Because of this rather restaurant-hostile situation, we also don’t have a lot of take out. We got a few pizza places, a Kosher deli, two Chinese take-outs, a small take-out sushi joint, two bagel places, an ice cream/gelato place, the Tenafly Classic Diner, Cafe Angelique, a cute Glatt Kosher Israeli joint and that’s about it. And oh yeah, a new deli just opened up where you can get paninis, but only one of the Pizza places and the Chinese actually deliver. If you want anything more interesting, you need leave the house and go to the neighboring towns like Englewood or Bergenfield.

So despite the fact that Rachel and I made Tex-Mex fast food last night, I was totally jazzed to hear that our Blockheads had just opened up the day before and we just had to go. Blockheads is a small chain from Manhattan that specializes in Burritos and Tacos, and has sort of a Caribbean and Pan-Latino twist on them. They use fresh ingredients and nothing is deep fried — the burritos themselves are steamed to order. And the best news of all is they are set up for takeout business and they will be doing delivery in the near future.

Storefront on Piermont Road.

The restaurant is casual and of the quick-serve variety. Crayoned-in pictures of the company mascot, a sock puppet monkey, adorn the walls.

The carte of Burritos. These can be modified with guacamole, sofrito sauce or can be ordered non-dairy as well, with soy cheese, tofu sour cream, brown rice and a whole wheat tortilla.

Tacos, soft flour tortilla inside with crunchy corn outside served with a salad instead of beans/rice (our option). Very nice fresh mixed salad greens instead of the regular iceberg, with good ripe tomatoes and freshly grated white cheddar cheese. We ordered BBQ Chicken and Shredded Beef tacos — I really liked the seasoning on the beef and the meat was of good quality. The chicken was also good quality white meat chicken, although I thought that the BBQ sauce was a bit on the sweet side — I’d ask for a little bit of lime and hit it with some hot sauce, but that’s just my own personal preference talking.

Burrito, as plated.

“Jamaican Jerk” Chicken Burrito, with sweet plantains, rice, black beans, melted cheese, with curry tortilla wrap. We also ordered the “Havana Chicken” which was similar, but had a sofrito sauce. We liked both, and thought they were very filling and a good value for the $10 they were charging.

Chocolate Kahlua Flan, the signature dessert. We really liked this one — nice creamy texture to the custard (not grainy like a lot of flans tend to come out) and the Mexican coffee liqueur/chocolate flavor was very good. A nice change of pace from other flan desserts we’ve had before, I’d definitely order it again.

8 Responses to NJ Dining: Blockheads (CLOSED)

  1. I dunno, $10 for a burrito stuffed with what looks mostly like rice? Seems kind of a ripoff to me. But on the west coast here we don’t have the same price expectations.

  2. stephen says:

    Looks good to me….nice to know you can get an alternative to Chinese, for take out!

  3. ced104 says:

    You hear that? I think it’s my stomach grumbling. I love those tacos! I haven’t eaten those for awhile. Hmmm…might have some later. And I think that restaurant is quite cozy.

  4. helene sommers says:

    absolutely delicious, guac was fresh fresh fresh, never had guac so good. the meat was melt in your mouth and the beans, which i NEVER eat, were excellent. The dressing on the salad, outrageous, no refried beans, fresh black beans. for the price, taste, quality, what a find. I hope they don’t change. i’ve been disappointed before when i have loved a restaurant and then they get cheap. blockheads, please, i love you just as you are.

  5. […] In an earlier post about Blockheads Burritos, I discussed a bit about the rather hostile and unforgiving restaurant situtation in my NJ town of residence, Tenafly.  While  we occasionally get a serious restaurant to open here, they tend to go out of business within 2 to 3 years, or even less — hence what happened to places like Jerry’s Osteria and America, which got raves from the New York Times. It doesn’t make sense because Tenafly is such an affluent town, and you would think the residents here would like to have some nice places to eat. I certainly do. […]

  6. scott says:

    Just ate at blockheads. Definitely fresh quality ingredients. Absolutely inforgivable service- and our server was I’m a photo marked “employee of the month”. Restaurant was empty… A shame. Good food- ruined by very poor service.

  7. Kevin says:

    The good: fresh, good portions, and tasty.

    The Bad: overpriced and sometimes dubious constructions. For instance, they have not clue what an enchilada is. Also, they use an AMAZING amount of packaging for their to go orders**

    East coast Mexican food in general: The further you get from Mexico, the more you should lower your expectations. I an from California (yeah, it used to be part of Mexico) and when I think Burrito, I think of something I can pick up and eat with my hands. Blockheads finds this to be an alien concept.

    **I always order TO GO from Blcokheads because 1) they don’t sell beer 2) their service is iffy, and 3, my burrito won’t be STUCK to a “hot plate hot plate”, and so I can PICK IT UP AND EAT IT LIKE A BURRITO SHOULD BE EATEN

  8. […] of the restaurants that recently got the axe was Blockheads, an outpost of a NYC-based burrito chain. So I was rather surprised this week as I was driving by […]

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