Remembering Katrina and Supporting New Orleans Restaurants

The Internet is abuzz today with many blogs posting about their remembrances of the tragic events that unfolded a year ago today, and with their messages of support for the City of New Orleans and the Mississippi gulf region.

For the past several years, Rachel and I have been visiting the City of New Orleans, because we love the food and have such a strong emotional attachment to the city. We visited the city in 2003, we had a a trip in 2005 (just 2 months prior to Katrina devastating the city) and most recently a trip in April of 2006.

I think that while it is extremely important that we remember those lost to Katrina and the devastating effect it has has on the city of New Orleans, that we also rejoice in that New Orleans is rebuilding, and that New Orleans is still a great place to visit in terms of gastrotourism and that the food is still fantastic, and that you really should all be going down and spending your vacations and money there to help bring the city back.

To whet your appetite in the hopes of getting you down there, here is the list of Off The Broiler threads and Podcasts celebrating the City of New Orleans that we’ve posted over the last six months:

Off The Broiler Posts:

It’s Satsuma Time Again!

Remembering Austin Leslie

A Tradition Begins: The First Ever “Katrina Dinner”

Friday Night at Casamento’s

Breakfast at Mother’s

Middle Class Devastation

Attack Of The Killer Cuculoupes

Cinco de Mayo Isn’t Just About The Coronas


Dessert with Dickie Brennan

Hubig Pies / Bywater / Elizabeth’s

A Tale of Two Seafood Restaurants

Crabby Jack’s

In a Disaster Area, Barbecue Heals

St. Bernard Parish and Chalmette


Bon Ton Cafe


Vietnamese Food in Gretna

The Very Fine Upperline

A Jaunt Thru the French Quarter

ACME Oyster House



Podcast #13: Simon Hubig Gets Whacked

Podcast #11: Dessert with Dickie Brennan

Podcast #10: Seder Plates in New Orleans, Part 2

Podcast #9: Herbsaint and COCHON

Podcast #8: John Besh, Restaurant August

Podcast #7: Mountain Sprout

Podcast #6: K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen

Podcast #5: The Upperline

Podcast #4: “Hey, Doesn’t That Waiter Look Like Ray Nagin?”

Podcast #3: Breakfast at Mother’s

Podcast #2: Oyster Loaves and Leah Chase

Podcast #1: Seder Plates in New Orleans, Part 1

3 Responses to Remembering Katrina and Supporting New Orleans Restaurants

  1. elle says:

    great reminder for a great food city.

  2. […] Off The Broiler: New Orleans (click for index) […]

  3. I just want to say thank you for such a wonderful collection of great restaurant reviews. Hope you’ll be coming down again this yr!

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