Drink to Me With Thine Eyes: The Indian Wine Facial

Apparently, the women of India have discovered that the wine facial has come into its own to produce a glow on their faces. Whether you choose to soak yourself in wine, splash it on your face, use it in culinary preparations, or for sheer gastronomic pleasure, there’s no escaping the fact that there is a mind-boggling versatility to wines.

Indian women normally have a disapproving attitude towards liquor, but now, wine is being used for facials in Jaipur. Women in Jaipur believe wine facials provide an instant glow to their skin and relieve them of tensions and headaches. “This facial is very good. No doubt, it brings a glow on the skin, but it also relaxes a person and works as a headache reliever,” a customer, Rekha said. Jasvinder added that different wines are applied on different skins. She claimed that wine facials are in demand. “It relaxes a person because it has got ample properties in it which is not present in other normal products. So, mix it with Aloe Vera Gel and penetrates in the skin, as a result, it provides glow to the skin in just five minutes. Out of 15 facials, we do 10 wine facials on regular basis,” Jasvinder said. She also believes wine contains a spirit, which helps in removing dead cells on a face.

So, there are several important questions on wine facials which come to mind:

How long does it take for the wine facial to begin its miraculous work?

What happens to the wine after the facial? Can it be reused on another customer?

If this works so well for one’s face, might it work even better for the whole body?

Melissa Goodman reporting …

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3 Responses to Drink to Me With Thine Eyes: The Indian Wine Facial

  1. micky says:

    Actually the french have been on this since 1993 with a very successful line of cosmetic products derived from grapes – see more at http://www.caudalie-usa.com/site/page/pg2291.html
    The spirit of the wine sounds nice, though

  2. Hi,
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  3. kanthraj says:

    having said that wine facial is good compering to other please tell me the detail about the win content which is important and please tell me which brand to bee use

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