New food and travel series, “Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie”

This delicious, delightful new public television offering will debut on September 22, 2006. It combines “cutting edge food trends, exotic ingredients, and in-the-know food players.”

“The edgy and provocative GOURMET’S DIARY OF A FOODIE provides exclusive entrée into the passionate inner circle of the food world to uncover the latest cutting-edge food trends, must-use ingredients, kitchen gadgets and food destinations. The 20-part series affords viewers privileged access to an arsenal of trusted industry journalists and epicurean experts who deliver compelling food stories from all around the globe. From street food in Shanghai to a “flameless” restaurant in Spain, GOURMET’S DIARY OF A FOODIE mixes travel with food to explore, inform and entertain.”

Trio partners on ‘Foodie’ series (Reuters)

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