Dinner in the Sky: yes, it is real!

When I found this article, I was astonished at first but then I found myself captivated by the concept: dinner in the sky!

How might this kind of an event be used? Fundraiser? Bar Mitzvah over-the-top celebration? Wedding? You might want to check out the story with these links:

First there is http://www.dinnerinthesky.com/

for the best visual, take a look at this link:


and don’t forget the video:


“a new way to make their event highly memorable: a table, with 22 seated guests, is suspended from a crane. The specially built table is surrounded by chairs of the type usually found on roller coasters, with four-point seat belts. Hoisted 50 meters (164 feet) above ground, safety is a reasonable concern.

Safely buckled up and floating mid-air, guests can enjoy a meal or meeting, with three chefs, waiters, presenters and/or entertainers standing in an open area in the centre of the table. One of the company’s first events (pictured above) was a dinner for 22 chefs, hosted by San Pellegrino.”

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