NYC Dining: Astor Wines and Spirits

Astor Wines & Spirits Inc
399 Lafayette St (At 4th Street) New York, NY
(212) 674-7500

After our Dim Sum lunch on Sunday, the group of us walked up the block to Astor Wines and Spirits, which many people beleive is the best wine store in the entire city. Back in March, Astor moved from its original location on Astor Place (where it had been since 1946) to a new, warehouse sized facility on Lafayette Street.

The new Astor Center building on Lafayette.

The new store is attractive and holds a huge amount of bottles. Astor’s prices are right on the money too, despite the fact of being in Manhattan.

This is a special display they had up for rose wines and sparklers. I admit, I picked up a nice rose sparkling cava they had, as well as a cremant.

The main room extends quite deep. There’s also a special refrigerator controlled room for the special vintages.

The refrigerated, tempature controlled room.

There’s a large refrigerator along one of the walls that has pre-chilled wines and Sakes.

The liquors wall. If Astor doesn’t carry it, it probably doesn’t exist in NYC.

The superpremium rums section, a dangerous place for me to be. The four bottles on the right hand side of the center shelf are Rhum Agricole from Martinique in the French West Indies, recently imported into the US by Ed Hamilton of Caribbean Spirits (and eGullet’s Minister of Rum). We got a podcast in the hopper with Ed at NYC’s Pegu Club that I think you’ll really enjoy.

2 Responses to NYC Dining: Astor Wines and Spirits

  1. Pan says:

    Does it seem to you that they’re significantly increased their selection since the move? I haven’t been inside their new location yet.

  2. Cachaca Dave says:

    Mr. Perlow,

    I’ll be sampling your “favorite” cachaca at Astor Wine’s on Wed. April 11th from 6-8pm, hope you can make it by! (it’s on sale this month at $23.99).

    Your Friend,

    Cachaca Dave

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