Daisy Martinez is infectious — once you’ve tried her recipes and cooking techniques, you just can’t go back to eating plain ‘ol Steak It’s Whats For Dinner. Nowadays I like some serious Meringue in my Meat.

Flank Steak is one of my favorite cuts of meat, because it’s not very expensive and its incredibly beefy tasting. Its also a cut you can marinate the living hell out of, with phenomenal results.

I took a nice big flank steak I bought from Kocher’s Meats (I went back there on Saturday) and liberally dosed both sides with Goya Adobo with Cumin, and then marinated it in a combination of lime juice, recaito, finely chopped shallots (didn’t have any garlic but it ended up working really nice), chopped hot bird chile peppers, freshly cracked black pepper and some olive oil for 24 hours. Yes, I know that sounds like an awful lot of time for a marinade, but boy, let me tell you, did it pay off — the meat was infused with the most incredible Latino flavor, and came off nice and tender after cooking to to medium-rare on the Weber.

I know, there should a law against showing this to people.

Rachel, inspired by the recent eGullet Society Heartland Gathering, made Zucchini Roulades, but instead of using Sundried Tomato in the goat cheese stuffing, she used sofrito, which immediately gave this side dish some serious Latino street creds. So I guess its actually Zucchini Relleno a la Raquel.

The finished dish. “Bistec Boriqua” plated with grilled mushroom caps that I basted with the leftover steak marinade, tomato and onion salad, Zucchini Rellenos, and Daisy Martinez’s yellow rice.

One Response to ¡BISTEC BORIQUA! (Nice Weather = WEBER VIII)

  1. Daisy Martinez says:

    You and Rachel keep this up and I’m going to have to make you both honorary Boriquas!! I love that zucchini roulade…I may have to borrow that in the near future, lol! Everything looks delish!

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