Cooking is a humbling process

While I have to agree with the title of this article from, the rest of the article held me enraptured and made me think of the tangle of pots and pans to which I lovingly turn when I need something to prepare a new dish … apparently, I am not alone …

“One big balancing act of artistry and skill. It has everything to do with design. Cooking is a humbling process, and real chefs tend to be rigorous and unforgiving perfectionists. There’s no room for error and there’s always a better flour, a purer olive oil, a sharper blade, — in short, a better way to do the same old, same old so that it becomes the new-and-better-than-ever. The language of menus — with its reductions, its purées and coulis — dwells in a world all its own, and cookbooks devotedly honor such specific, and occasionally rarified jargon. Food, of course, is life. Everyone eats, and therein lies the intrinsic appeal: whether you live on pizza in your feng-shui penthouse, or you produce chateaubriand on a battery-operated hotplate, chances are you have some relationship to food.There’s an entire sub-genre of food writing, of a kind of culinary patois that involves chefs, critics, experienced kitchen people and even neophytes (like me) writing about all manner of things edible.”

The article, which I truly loved because of the many entirely appropriate examples, is one I wholeheartedly recommend to you to read in full.

A Good Pan Is Hard To Find (

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