Nice Weather = WEBER (VII)

All I can say, thank God the heat wave ended over the weekend, because I was beginning to think my Weber was going to go unused for the rest of the summer, and we were going to get caught in that old Twilight Zone episode where the Earth has left its orbit and the Sun is burning the planet to a cinder (which we discover later that it’s only a fever-induced nightmare, but really the Earth is freezing to death)

In any case, the heat wave was good for one thing, and thats growing garden produce. Our cucumber plants have been producing like crazy, and we’ve already got a few jars of homemade Kosher-style pickles going in the fridge. The Jersey tomatoes have been absolutely fabulous — so good that we’re just using them for insalata caprese, sliced up and put on top of bagels with cream cheese, or eaten in very simple sweet onion, tomato and cucumber salads, as below.

To re-inaugurate the Weber, tonight we grilled up some German-style sausages made by Kocher’s Meats in Ridgefield — Mini Kielbasas, a Fresh Pork Bratwurst, Frankfurters, and a large Veal/Pork Bratwurst, served with fresh sauerkraut from Picklelicious, garden grown grilled hot Banana Peppers and some fresh Jersey sweet corn.

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