NJ Dining: Indian Chef Restaurant Group (CLOSED)

February 2010 update: Indian Chef and Veggie Express have both closed. Tandoori Chef has been under new ownership for the last 3 years, and we did a recent re-visit here.

Indian Chef (In International Food Warehouse)
370 Essex St # A, Lodi, NJ
(201) 587-1087

Indian Food is often criticised for being too overly spicy, but I think that’s somewhat of a generalization. Certainly, there are a lot of spices involved in Indian Cuisine, but its possible to temper what spices you use and still have great Indian dishes that do not overwhelm the quality of the ingredients. One of the places that has mastered that philosophy is Indian Chef, in the International Food Warehouse in Lodi.

A view of the Dining Room from within International Food Warehouse.

Urad Vada

Fried appetizer sampler with Pakora, Vedai, Samosas

Spring Dhosa

Kati Rolls, with lamb and egg

Indian Chef’s Tandoor oven, viewable from the ordering window.

Chicken Tandoori, one of the best preparations I have ever had.

Mixed Tandoori Kebab Platter.

Chicken Malai Kebab. Marinated overnight in yogurt, it was incedibly juicy and moist.

Curry Area

A trio of curries. Chicken Tikka, A Vegetable Pakora Curry (Below) and Egg/Eggplant Curry (Right)

Tandoori Chef
258 Main St, Hackensack, NJ
(201) 457-0057

After their success in opening Indian Chef, the owners, Deepak Singh and Vishu Sethi, decided to ressurect the closed Dragonel/Dhaaba space on Main Street in Hackensack. The two restaurants are joined by a connecting hallway and it shares waitstaff. However, they have two separate kitchens. Tandoori Chef could be said to be a larger, formalized version of Indian Chef, focusing on Tandoor Halal meat dishes and traditional Punjabi cuisine, whereas Veggie Express is an inexpensive vegetarian restaurant focusing on Dhosas, Chaat and Tandoor breads. Either way, they are great Indian restaurants to visit, depending on your mood and dietary preferences.

Tandoori Chef dining room.

Chicken Biryani

Chef’s Tandoori Platter

Malai Kofta

Garlic Naan

Rice Pudding

Veggie Express
258 Main St, Hackensack, NJ
(201) 457-1557

Urad Vadai

Iddly Chaat

Bhel Puri

Rose Lassi

Paper Dhosa

Sambhar Soup (Goes with Dhosa)

Paper Masala Dhosa, barrel view

Paper Masala Dhosa (Cut Open) with Tomato and Coconut Chutneys

Chile/Tomato Utthapam

Lemon Rice

Kadi Pakora Chawal, Dumplings in Yogurt Sauce

Vegetable Curry

Chola Bhatura, a type of spicy Punjabi Chickpea Curry, served with Puffy Bread (Below)

Kashmiri Paratha with Potatoes, Nuts and Raisins

Gobi Paratha with Spiced Cauliflower

Gulab Jamun (Dessert Item)

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  1. Amra says:

    its soooo diliceus ireally looooooove it to je najboje u svijeu!!! i say that on bosnian that it is the best thing in the world yum!!!!!!!!

  2. […] ownership for 3 years. Tandoori Chef used to be part of the same restaurant group as the now closed Indian Chef in the International Food Warehouse in Lodi, but has since undergone significant changes, including the re-branding of the cafe space that it […]

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