NJ Dining: Picklelicious (UPDATED)

384 Cedar Lane, Teaneck NJ
(201) 457-0500


Web Site: http://www.picklelicious.com

Pickles are something that I believe most people take for granted, and have difficulty invoking passionate thoughts or rabid cravings in anyone but the most hardcore worshiper of the briny arts. Sadly they are, for most Americans, a condiment that ends up (many times omitted by request) on fast food burgers or an insipidly sweet or cloyingly vinegary vegetable mass resembling a cooked to death kirby that is pulled out of a heat pasteurized jar originating from some big food conglomerate. And that’s a damn shame, because a real Kosher-style fresh Pickle is a marvelous, marvelous thing.

Pickelicious’s new retail location on Cedar Lane in Teaneck (2010)

Real Kosher pickles are facing extinction, and there are a scant few companies in the New York Metro area still making them. Even rarer than the jarred variety of fresh, refrigerated kosher pickle (like the Ba-Tampte brand made in NY) is the kind you used to be able to get out of a barrel on Delancey Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. But the mythical Lower East Side pickle barrel place doesn’t exist anymore — they’ve either moved out to Lawn Guyland, or in Picklelicious’ case, Jersey. Which is quite fortunate for us! And if you don’t live in Jersey, you can get them shipped to you.

Robyn Brown-Samra, Picklelicious‘ owner, comes from a long line of artisan pickle makers. She and her brother Jay, and her (late) husband Leo opened a popular pickle store on Amsterdam Avenue in New York City in the 1990’s. But after her husband passed away, she closed the store and moved to a house on River Road in Teaneck and opened a retail store. In 2007 she closed the River Road store and decided to focus on the wholesale/web business.

But in February of 2010, Robyn opened up a newer, smaller retail location on the main drag of Teaneck’s Cedar Lane business district. And now we’re sure she’s here to stay.

There’s more to pickles than meets the eye. Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

Retail Store Interior (2010)

Sour Dills in the barrel. (2006)

Hot and Spicy pickles. Robyn also makes a full sour horseradish pickle that will blow your head clean off if you’re not careful. (2006)

Hot and Spicy (2010)

Half Sours (2010)

Pickle Barrels (2006)

In addition to pickled cukes, peppers, celery, tomatoes and mushrooms, Picklelicious also carries a very wide variety of olives.

Olive Bar (2010)

If you’re not sure what kind of pickles you want, the tasting area has them all out for you to sample. (2010)

More olives, pickled vegetables for sale.

Picklelicious also has all your favorite brands of gourmet snacks and chips. (2006)

Refrigerated appetizing section (2010)

Need a healthy snack? How about a Pickle On a Stick?

4 Responses to NJ Dining: Picklelicious (UPDATED)

  1. […] To re-inaugurate the Weber, tonight we grilled up some German-style sausages made by Kocher’s Meats in Ridgefield — Mini Kielbasas, a Fresh Pork Bratwurst, Frankfurters, and a large Veal/Pork Bratwurst, served with fresh sauerkraut from Picklelicious, garden grown grilled hot Banana Peppers and some fresh Jersey sweet corn. […]

  2. […] Picklelicious’s new retail location in Teaneck is serving up all kinds of briny Kosher treats. […]

  3. Ubu Walker says:

    I find Pickleicious pickles to be pretty good, but not the most amazing ones around. I really like the ones they have at Fairway.

    That said, I have seen Pickleicious at area Farmer’s Markets, so I am a proud supporter!

  4. lauren says:

    Living in LA, it’s not a cheap endeavour to support Pickleicious, but i do it anyway! I order a gallon of full sours regularly. Ain’t nothing like ’em out here so I don’t really have a choice, do I?

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