NJ Dining: Plochs Farm

Ploch’s Farm
148 Grove St., Clifton NJ.
(973) 778-6463

I love farmstands, particularly ones that have been around a very long time. Now, farmstands that serve ice cream and Italian ices? Well that’s even better! One stop shopping!

One farm stand that I came across recently in Clifton was Ploch’s Farm, which has been around since 1867.

This is the original barn from 1867 that still stands today.

Among the things that the farm grows are nice big Jersey Tomatoes, screaming hot peppers, and nice juicy peaches.

I picked these guys out to take home. Big suckers they were. The yellowish green ones are naturally that color when ripe.

This country bric-a-brac area has everything you need for the budding Martha Stewart.

When its 98 degrees out and humid, this is exactly the kind of sign you want to see.

Caramel Ice Cream

Root Beer Italian Ice, which I thought had a really good, intense root beer flavor.

2 Responses to NJ Dining: Plochs Farm

  1. Robyn says:

    Fresh peaches and ice cream? Oh god, I wannit. That caramel looks gooood.

  2. Jim Conniff says:

    Great stuff. Thank you. Would like to e-mail to grandson Ben Conniff who would love to read this. He writes about food and all that’s got anything to do with it. Loved the “arrogant wiseass” and so will Ben. He’s at benjamin.conniff@gmail.com.

    Jim Conniff

    Good to know ahead what summer hours are. Looking for some low, easy to care for, all year green shrubs. Will be down to see you.

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