Summer Rolls, Makes Me Feel Fine… (II)

We’ve been having really record temperatures in Jersey this week, along with an insane amount of humidity. When it gets this hot, you need refreshing, light cuisine.

Back in May we made some summer rolls as well (see link for demo and recipe) but we didn’t have the benefit of our own grown produce from our own little vegetable garden. The difference in flavor of using your own fresh herbs and vegetables versus stuff you buy in a supermarket is dramatic, to say the least. If you don’t have a home garden, try going to a farmer’s market or a farm stand and getting stuff that was picked that day.

These particular summer rolls have leftover julienned steak, tossed in lime juice, fish sauce and red onions, rolled up with glass noodles, several kinds of mesclun greens, chives, basil, mint, cilantro, cucumber and carrot, most of which was grown in our backyard garden. The dipping sauce is some of the leftover peanut sauce from the other night’s Chicken Satay dinner, mixed with Hoisin sauce, a bit of Sriracha chili sauce, and some of the leftover juices from the sliced up/dressed beef.

One Response to Summer Rolls, Makes Me Feel Fine… (II)

  1. Nice technique on the rolls! I like the open-end approach.

    Being Vietnamese, I cannot pass on any opportunity to eat nuoc mam cham, so I prefer my rolls with that dipping sauce – I tend to find the hoisin/peanut too cloying for the fresh goi cuon.

    I’ve always been meaning to try create of a sushi-hand roll version with maguro sashimi, avocado, cucumber, sprouts, bean thread and shiso perhaps?

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