New Logo

After six months in operation, I finally decided that we needed a new logo that was commensurate with the huge amount of traffic that this new blog has been getting. Thus I hired Fredlet at Sly Fox Design, the creator of the original eGullet logo to commission a new work. I wanted a striking look that clearly marked OTB as a food website, but also a major departure from the distinctive eGullet “gully” logo.

I think that she’s done a tremendous job. And thank you to all of you for your loyalty and support with my foray into the blogging and podcasting world!

3 Responses to New Logo

  1. Congratulations, just a comment. ( I take it, the ‘design’ is the Top of the Page thingy ? ).
    I would have used an round or oval ” Grill / Grid Iron ” for the letters ” O “, plus the ‘white letters’ I would show in a flaming ” Orange ” color.

    Please don’t get angry.

  2. But then it would look too much like the Bass & Yager AT&T and original Microsoft “Blibbet”(1980’s) logos. I don’t think I could handle the litigation!

  3. Jason, Proof again: you have your ducks in line,
    and proof: again did I open my big mouth without thinking. Sorry. Peter.

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