NJ Dining: Brasilia Grill

Brasilia Grill
99 Monroe St, Newark, NJ
(973) 589-8682

It’s probably not a good idea to have a Brazilian churrascaria experience only two weeks after the last one, but after having a minimalistic vegetarian lunch that day and tromping around in the heat outside, I wanted something substantial for dinner. So we headed towards Brasilia Grill in Newark, a rodizio joint that I had heard good things about but hadn’t tried yet.

By churrascaria standards, Brasilia Grill is a HUGE restaurant. The place probably seats at least 400, although that pales in comparison to the most well-known churrascaria in Newark, Seabra’s Rodizio, which sits upwards of 1000.

A “Tropical” Caipirissima. Never mind the wussy name, this is no watered down Caipirinha. This bastard cousin contains both Cachasa and Coconut Rum and is extremely potent.

The salad bar is extremely extensive and has great fresh items. On the weekends the hot area is expanded with more pork offerings.

You can watch the soccer game while eating your meat on the plasma TV’s suspended above.

Like all churrascarias, the meat parade doesn’t end until you tell them to stop. Brasilia Grill has a really wide variety, and they come at a really intense pace. I wasn’t able to photograph them all.

If you aren’t too stuffed by the end, there’s the dessert cart.

I elected for the grilled pineapple, which is supposed to aid in digestion of meat due to the enzymes and acids in the fruit.

Rachel went for the Chocolate Flan. Its Flan, and it tastes like chocolate. They’ve also got a coconut flan and the traditional caramel flan.

5 Responses to NJ Dining: Brasilia Grill

  1. FoodZealot says:

    In my limited experience with churrascarias, most meat is at least medium well, since I’ve only been to places where they slice off the exterior of the chunks. Looks like they offer a variety there, which makes it more appealing to me. Thanks!

  2. allen says:

    we also have a new location in tampa, florida http://www.brasiliagrillfl.com

  3. Dana says:

    We love Brasilia’s. Good service, good food, nice atmosphere – always consistent!

  4. MJP says:

    Brasilia Grill has been my new standard in terms of rodizio – it used to be Mediterranean Manor down Jefferson, but they shrunk in selection of rodizio over the years and the price went up with inflation. I take newbies to Brasilia Grill.

    If you can pass up on the rodizio on a weekend, they do a feijoada that will feed two people for six days. It’s nuts.

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