Attack Of The Killer Cuculoupes

HOUMA — Tim Dusenbery was peering into the vegetable-garden vines he and his wife Karen are growing, about midway between the cucumbers and the cantaloupes, when he found a surprise. | The Courier | Houma, LA | Printer Friendly Version

3 Responses to Attack Of The Killer Cuculoupes

  1. I know today is Sunday and I am not supposed to be working, but—anyways—-after finding your “cucoulupe” photo, I am really off track—-
    Maybe not. Can hardly wait to try one of those hybrids.

  2. I bet they would go well as a salad accompaniment to your cuy (guinea pigs!)

    Brined Guinea Pig with parsley sauce and guacamole salad!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Attack Of The Killer Cuculoupes

    Some gardeners in Houma, LA found this growing in their garden, between the cucumbers and cantaloupes. This, of course, will inspire a plethora of uninspired jokes the use of this product.

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