NJ Dining: Han Ah Reum and King’s Noodle

Han Ah Reum

(Also branches in Little Ferry, Englewood and Cherry Hill)

Kings Noodle Chinese Restaurant

321 Broad Ave, Ridgefield, NJ

Koreans make up one of the largest ethnic minority groups in Northern New Jersey, and in the last 10 years or so, they’ve built a huge amount of shopping and services catering to their own community. One of these is Han Ah Reum (or H-Mart, as it is most commonly known) a chain of Asian supermarkets/mini-malls that has been opening all over the Northeast US. The supermarket itself is surrounded by various stores catering mostly to Korean and Asians, as well as restaurants to catch the hungry shoppers.

Before shopping, you might want to go and grab some Chinese food next door:

Storefront of King’s Noodle Chinese Restaurant.

Complimentary Radish Kimchi Appetizer. This is when you immediately realize the Chinese food here is decidedly Koreanized.

Another type of complimentary pickle.

These fried dumplings are great to start off with.

Dumpling interior. These have pork and scallions and a few other things.

Special Peking Noodles, Pre-Saucing.

Peking Sauce for noodles.

Peking Sauce mixed into the noodles.

Fried Pork with Sweet and Sour Sauce.

Diced Chicken with Pepper Sauce. This is the Korean-Chinese version of Kung Pao Chi Ding.

Ridgefield’s Han Ah Reum is by far the largest in the area with the most interesting stores.

The produce section is one of the most impressive I’ve seen.

Han Ah Reum carries Caribbean and Latin American produce as well.

Nice selection of dried stuff and nuts.

Lots of mushrooms and chili peppers too.

Even the children find it entertaining.

The seafood section is clean and the fish is fresh.

Lots of cool frozen stuff too.

Plenty of opportunities for tasting and sampling. Here Yujacha citron tea is being sampled.

This scary looking machine cooks puffy sweet rice and slams them into big crunchy discs. It makes a very loud and impressive sound when making the rice cakes.

Rice cakes being slammed out of the die.

At the DeliManjoo stall, they make thumb-sized plastic wrapped cakes filled with custard creme, that you can buy by the box. Sort of like Micro-Twinkies.

11 Responses to NJ Dining: Han Ah Reum and King’s Noodle

  1. Raindog says:

    I’ve been looking in vain for a decent fishmonger that carries more than the usual salmon/tuna/shrimp selection; judging from your pictures this certainly seems to fit the bill. It’s a 25 minute drive for me — worth it?

  2. Robyn says:

    My family usually goes to the Han Ah Reum in Little Ferry, but the Ridgefield one doesn’t look much farther. And it looks more interesting. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Also, I LOVE THOSE RICE CAKE THINGS! Damn…now I wanna go. And the produce section is pretty awesome. I remember seeing peaches the size of babies heads though, which was kind of scary.

  3. MJP says:

    Raindog, Han Ah Rheum is definitely worth the drive. I go there from Lyndhurst from time to time. Their fish selection is beyond that of Mitsuwa and any other Asian market in the area. Come ready to snack; Jason forgot to mention that there are tons of different varieties of homemade kimchi all out for sampling. ;-)

  4. Jon says:

    Little Ferry has better produce, Ridgefield has better fish. The meat selection is incredible in both. The Ridgefield location has a lot more stuff in the mini-mall around it, including that neat little Korean-Chinese restaurant, while Little Ferry has a lot more parking and also the incredible Minado buffet restaurant next door.

  5. […] Be it as it may, I’m a huge fan (1) of Korean food (2). I’ve been told by other Koreans that I am practically an honorary Korean, because I have such a high tolerance for spicy and garlicky, and I actually LIKE to eat Kimchi. […]

  6. […] In my opinion Korean food doesn’’t get nearly as enough attention as it merits. I’ve explored  (1) Korean cuisine (2) a bit (3) on Off The Broiler in the past, but I still feel like I haven’t been doing my part in showcasing all the great Korean eateries in North Jersey. Of course, for me to really do it justice, I’d probably have to focus an entire blog to it, because we have so many. Where do you start? […]

  7. […] very close to Costco,  Pollos Mario, Wondee’s,  White Manna, and the Little Ferry branch of Han ah Reum, making it a great side destination if you’re interested in checking out any of those other […]

  8. Yenny says:

    Han Ah Reum is definitely the best place to Work ! :)

  9. Food publicist says:

    If you’re stuck in Jersey City, however, check out P & K Food Market on Newark Ave. I and others I know have been going to this place for as long as I can remember. It’s got dependably wonderful produce at reasonable prices. The Korean owners are meticulous with their store and fresh homemade kimchi is available! David Chang, eat your heart out ~

  10. […] another variation that I had at a Korean-Chinese place that I really enjoyed. Again tasty, but healthy, […]

  11. Richella Chang says:

    We are from Europe and will be visiting NY city next month. I believe the nearest Tupperware showcase is in this mall. Do someone know how to get to Ridgefield, H Mart shopping center, from Manhattan with public transportation? Regards, Richella

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