Screw Whole Foods

In defiance of the hypocritical jackasses at Whole Foods, we prepared a wonderful lobster pasta this evening, using the claw and body meat of the seven pound live lobster we cooked on saturday night.

First we cooked a whole bunch of chopped garlic in olive oil at low heat, and tossed in cooked corn kernels, spinach, fresh tomato, and lobster meat.

Tossed in the pan with Al Dente Asian-style spinach egg noodles, along with some butter, lemon juice, and freshly chopped parsley.


Lobster Confetti Protest Pasta. plated.

8 Responses to Screw Whole Foods

  1. elle says:

    Ha-Ha-very funny-I totally agree with you and your salad looks great.

  2. Looks beautiful… it lunch time yet!?

  3. you make me so hungry!!! these look like mongolian food to me. a guy friend of mine from webdatedotcom invited me out for mongolian food once. i liked it ever since.

  4. How can you eat those poor lobsters? First they were tricked into a small cage and then ripped up outta the ocean. Then, they clamped their little pincers shut with big rubber bands and packed them away in a dark box with a bunch of other hapless victims of the heartless and uncaring fishing industry. Soon, they were sitting in a tank of water in the middle of some grocery store in Paramus or Jersey City and their only view was of snot nosed little kids pressing their faces up against the glass walls of the tank, or, alternatively, of butchers plying their evil trade just across the way. These poor animals need a break. Why can’t you use your blog as a force for good, instead of as an instrument for evil? Why can’t we all just get along?

  5. Jinmyo says:

    Ha ha ha.

  6. Victor Sasson says:

    Wow. I’d love to see the pot you used for a 7-pounder.

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