Nice Weather = WEBER (II)

So after a week of travel and with another long trip coming up, all I wanted to do this weekend was kick back and relax, and see some friends. A buddy of mine, who’s wife recently moved out to California with his young daughter to start a new job, has been sitting at home all by himself and not taking care of himself properly, so I thought it would be a good idea to give him a nice home cooked meal. Again, Weber Genesis Silver C to the rescue.

Lobsters and London Broil was onsale this week at Shoprite, so I figured… SURF AND TURF! What male doesn’t like surf and turf? With garlic mashed potatoes and a medley of grilled vegetables and a nice beer or two. That would put him in the right spirits.

A seven-pound lobster after grilling on the Weber. I had the fishmonger at Shop Rite steam him for eight minutes, and I finished him off on the grill with some garlic butter poured into the split carapace, the tail and the cracked claws. We ate the tail tonight as a topping for the steak, and will be using the claw, body and leg meat for lobster rolls tomorrow. Notice the hot dog rolls in the background.

The london broil was rubbed with Salt Lick BBQ rub seasoning that I bought at the NY BBQ Block Party and then I grilled it about six minutes per side with some wet mesquite wood chips on the burner for smoke flavoring.

Mmmmmm MEAT.



My buddy was quite pleased.

6 Responses to Nice Weather = WEBER (II)

  1. Owen O'Neill says:

    Looks Great Jason. I’m curious – can you taste the smoke from the wood chips with such a short grilling time? And where do you put them? IN a smoker box or directly on the flame?

  2. The soaked chips I put right on top of the burner grates in an aluminum foil pouch with holes punched in. 15 minutes is enough to get a decent smoke flavor with mesquite. Mesquite is not the kind of wood you want to go longer than a half hour or so with anyway. The lobster got the tail end of the smoke, you can taste it but its not overpowering.

  3. […] I’m going to hazard a guess that they wouldnt approve of Saturday night’s dinner. […]

  4. Hans Kobelt says:

    How can you use a gas grill? What about charcoal?

  5. Don’t have a charcoal grill yet. When I do, it will likely be a Kamado.

  6. Hans Kobelt says:

    The taste difference is phenomenal!

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