New England Dining: The Daily Catch, Boston

Daily Catch
2 Northern Ave, Boston, MA
(617) 772-4400

I'm up in Boston this week doing some consulting and I was able to meet up with some computer journalist friends attending Microsoft's TechEd conference that's been going on. Upon the reccomendation of our dinner's organizer, a local, we headed over to The Daily Catch, an Italian seafood restaurant located in the large Courthouse building right on the Harborwalk, across the street from The Barking Crab, a more well-known touristy kind of place.

The Daily Catch's Harborwalk location has been around since 1985, and it prides itself on being a squid specialist, having a number of dishes on its menu that feature the tentacled creatures. They claim to have popularized fried calamari into the United States, as well as fresh squid ink pasta since the early 1970's, at their original North End location.

Fried Calamari, made with fresh squid. It's probably one of the best ones I've ever tasted in any restaurant.

Fresh Squid Ink Pasta, appetizer portion, with ground Squid Meat in a Garlic Aoli. Excellent, but it makes you, ah, shall we say, release black waste matter for several days after eating. My dining companions noted that the dish resembled the Klingon dish gagh. Having not dined a la klingonoise (we don't have good Klingonese in Jersey or in Manhattan yet) I'll take their word for it.

Fresh Dry Scallops with Spinach Pasta in a Cream Sauce. It was deemed excellent by one of my foodie friends who ordered it.

This was a Tuna Viniagrette special.

Monkfish Marsala

Cold seafood appetizer platter

The squid combination platter, featuring fried calamari, stuffed calamari, scallops, calamari meatballs, and fried fish.

Very moist carrot cake.

Home made cannolis, with a creamy marscapone and ricotta filling with just the hint of orange peel in it. If they were served in NYC, they would be a serious rival to my favorite, Madonia's in the Bronx on Arthur Avenue.

2 Responses to New England Dining: The Daily Catch, Boston

  1. Oh, you’re just taunting me with the cannoli thing. *sob*

  2. The Kagan Twins-Phylee,Robin-Max-Maxine-Annett-Sandy says:

    This was truly the most wonderful experience in the whole waterfront culinary happenings going on. The food being a true foodie/chef and my mom’s and aunts birthday dinner where a betterplace to spend it. Maria Maria hostess owner chef and then some. We not only was the food A+ but we sang and laughed and also adopted maria the same evening. Where else can you go to get excellen food laughter and love now I know why hte food is so good love of what you do and when your good your good thanks MR. Mrs Maria and family for creating a evening for my family that we will never forget Phylee

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