NY Dining: Baileys Smokehouse

Bailey’s Smokehouse
136 Erie St E, Blauvelt, NY
(845) 398-1454

Today we got a preview of Bailey’s Smokehouse, the new BBQ restaurant that is to be housed within Bailey’s Blauvelt Inn, an established Bar and Grill place on Route 303, just down the road from the Palisade Center Mall. For you New Jerseyans, thats about 20 minutes up the Palisades Parkway from Northern Bergen County.

The kitchen will be led by no other than Dave “Fink” Finkelstein, previously of Stickey’s (Teaneck) and Fink’s Funky Chicken and Ribs (River Edge)

Currently he is just getting the Barbecue up to spec, and the full menu isn’t ready yet, but if you come in and play nice, you can get Ribs (both St. Louis and Baby Back) Pulled Pork, Brisket and Smoked Chicken.

Bailey’s, on Erie Street just 2 blocks off Route 303 in Blauvelt, NY.

This Southern Pride Smoker, along with a custom rig (both originally from Stickey’s) will be producing the Barbecue. Wood is Cherry.


The upstairs Sports Bar.

Deck area, for Al Fresco Dining.

The famous Fink Bar-B-Reuben.

BBQ Beans

Shells and Cheese

Ribs. The Barbecue now has a Apple/Honey BBQ sauce on it that goes great with the dry rub.

Sampler Platter of Baby Backs, Spare Ribs, Pulled Pork, Brisket and Chicken.

Another view of the ribs.

Brisket closeup.

Beanless Chili. Very strong cumin flavor and spicy, intended for use on their Hot Dogs and Nachos.

BBQ Brisket Sandwich

Bailey’s Burger, 1/2lb, Perfectly Medium Rare, With Shrooms, American Cheese and Sauteed Onions.

BBQ Pork Nachos

Babyback Ribs

BBQ Chicken

The downstairs BBQ dining area, which is still under construction.

26 Responses to NY Dining: Baileys Smokehouse

  1. Elmer says:

    Define “play nice”.
    The BBQ looks amazing, and I think that I’m going to have to make a little trip to try this place out.

  2. Everything looks great! Best of luck with the new place. I can’t wait to try it out.

  3. Your site makes me hungry and I’m thrilled that you’re in my neck of the woods. Do you review restaruants in the South Jersey area?

  4. Woodsman says:

    Sounds and looks great. Is there any update as to when the place will be open?

  5. Nancy says:

    Fink’s provided great BBQ for those of us lucky to have eaten in or taken out from his former hole in the wall establishment in Bergen County. I can’t wait to eat more of his amazing pulled pork and brisket at the new place.

    I’m just glad the place is FINALLY opening, cause those of us who went to Stickey’s in Teaneck have been waiting months for the Grand Opening.

    Best of Luck to Fink and his crew!

  6. jeff says:

    is it open yet?

  7. cindy says:

    must have ‘fink fries’…
    anyone know if larry went elsewhere ?

  8. hoagi says:

    In my expert opinion, this is the best Q in the northeast since the closing of Smokeys in NYC. The best part is that it is 3 miles from my house! My wife says it is to good to last, I hope that she’s wrong. I look forward to making myself sick eating to much.

  9. Sloboyle says:

    I work at Bailey’s Smokehouse, and yes we are up and running with a full menu. We have not opened the new dining area downstairs, but it should be open some time ofver the next few weeks. For the time being, the upstairs bar and dining area both have the new menu up and running.

    Fink is the man!

    Hope to see some of you soon, I am there bartending on Saturdays nights, and will be behind the stick downstairs once we open up.

  10. Wino says:

    Nice place !!
    Wish we had one here in Nor Cal !

  11. NomoDewEye says:

    Do you ship that BBQ..??..

    Trade ya a dozen each handmade beef Tamales and Chili Rellenos for a Slab some Chicken and one of them Brisket Reubens

    Let me know if we can swing a deal..

  12. jobbq says:

    i live close by. is there a take out menu? a website. should strike now while the irons hot, you will have people lining up outside for takeout!

  13. monica says:

    We had dinner here tonight, we ordered the “tablebuster” which included ribs, chicken, pulled hicken, pulled pork, sausage plus three sides. We chose corn souffle, baked beans and a salad. What a delicous meal, we took home leftovers. My faves were the babyback ribs and the brisket…amazing

  14. wayne says:

    I eat there at least 3 times a month st louis ribs and beef ribs are the best. Corn Souffle is out of this world. I even eat the ribs for breakfast the next morning. Cannot wait for the basement to open.

  15. BillR says:

    As a BBQ fan, I was very surprised when just happened to find this place one night last summer when I just wanted a cold beer, saw the selection, and decided to try it. Wow!!! Its as good as it looks in the pics. Absolutely unberleivable brisket. Tender, flavored perfectly and best of all, super moist, the sandwich is great. I also like Bailey’s Bombers. This is a plate of three mini sandwiches of pulled pork, pulled chicken, and the brisket. What a great mix, even the chicken stands up to the super flavor of the other two. As a side, DO NOT miss the Bourbon glazed carrots. Finally, I just learned today that they also sell their meats by the pound. Mother’s day just got a whole lot tastier when I pick up a few pounds of brisket for Mom! Its worth the trip, but selfishly, I hope it doesn’t get too popular like my other fave BBQ in the NYC area, Dinosaur.

  16. GS says:

    I live up the road from it…..it has great pizza too!

  17. Jmoore says:

    I can’t beleive I finally found where Stickey’s from Teaneck landed. We were heartbroken when Stickey’s closed, but heard they were moving up to a place in Blauvelt…. FINALLY found it- can’t wait to go!
    If it’s anything like Stickey’s, their brisket and BBQ sauces were incredible!!!!

  18. Billy the Kids Protege says:

    I love this place. When Billy the Kid is there, I feel like its my 2nd home. No other place can you drink and eat all night for the prices they charge. Unbelievable. Keep it up Baileys. No place like it. Right off 303 too.

  19. eileen says:

    amazing! couldn’t be happier that you’re 5 min. away and i don’t have to drive to dinosaur bbq anymore! keep baking that corn souffle…it’s a winner!

  20. Jacques says:

    For my 75th birthday I was invited to eat the ribs which I enjoyed. In addition, the cornbread souffle was delicious and I am interested to know the ingredients and if I am lucky maybe the recipe! Thank you.

  21. Dash says:

    I just got back from lunch at Bailey’s. This place might have the most fantastic ribs I have ever had the pleasure to eat. The shells in the shells and cheese is cooked to perfection and the collard greens are the perfect blend of bitter and sweet. A must go for lunch or dinner.

  22. Bob Canavan says:

    Tonight will be my 4th trip there in 2 months, this place is awesome.

  23. Margaret says:

    I got take out yesterday (yes, Mothers Day) from Bailey’s. I have to say that if the food wasn’t as good as most of it turned out to be i would never go back. I patronized Fink’s old place in River Edge, NJ and Stickeys in Teaneck as well in days gone by and could not wait to find them again. I stood there with a menu in my hand waiting to place an order for what felt like forever, but was at least 15 minutes. I was at the point of calling them from my cell phone while standing there. The place was not that busy and numerous employees walked past me until i actively cornered one. My order was then finally taken by a person who had apparently been outside smoking and socializing, which she went right back out to continue once the order was taken. I was told i would have to wait 20 minutes. I cannot imagine why. This is BBQ but low and slow should not be about the service. After 20 minutes i got my order, (Sampler for 2 with sides of shells & cheese, greens, and corn souffle). The order was missing the souffle. Sorry, social girl says, I didn’t put in the order for it. Now I get to wait another couple of minutes for them to pack that up and “oh and I forgot to charge you for it she says”. so I have to pay again. Got home and was happier at least. Ribs were good, Pulled pork amazing as was the corn souffle, the shells and cheese were not creamy or cheesy enough and the brisket was absolutely tough. The greens were very vinigery; I like vinegar in my greens, but someone has a heavy hand. This was not pot-likker you could think of sipping or dunking unless you are really into pickles. I may go back again, but i will try the sit down service. The only employee capable of noticing me as a customer was the bartender working downstairs. Fink this is your 3rd restaurant please shake some sense in to you employees!

  24. Tom says:

    We Ate at Bailey’s last night. I travel around the country alot and have eaten at barbeques joints all over the country. This place ranks up there with places I’ve eaten at in Memphis and other big barbeque cities. The ribs are tender and the meat falls off the bone.They make a BBQ pork and chicken quesadilla that is a meal in itself as an apetizer. They have a great twist on corn bread. They make a sweet corn souffle. The prices are very reasonable for the portions and They have 16 HD tvs for you football fans on Sunday. Definatley worth the trip!!!!!!

  25. […] man who returned with his talents to two other barbecue restaurants, only to have to move on yet […]

  26. […] to give credit to Jason Perlow’s wonderful Off The Broiler blog for turning me to the place (original review). They have the NFL package, so fans of all teams can enjoy the food while watching the […]

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