NJ Dining: J’s Beef (CLOSED!)

J’s Beef Chicago Style Italian Beef and Sausage
902 St. George Avenue
Linden, NJ

I love hot dogs, and whenever I hear about a new hot dog place, I’m all over it. Two weeks ago a new joint opened up in Linden, specializing in a very rare form of dog on the East Coast — the Chicago Dog. Its distinguished by the fact it uses Vienna Beef wieners made in Chicago, on a poppyseed bun, and adorned with a really bright green relish, fresh tomato, pickle slice, hot peppers called “Sport Peppers”, yellow Chicago mustard, and then finally a dusting of Celery Salt. It has to be tried at least once — I like them simply for the interesting variation. Much like sex, you can’t have your hot dogs the same way every time.

J’s also specializes in another Chicago treat, the Italian Beef, which is popularized in many places in the Windy City like Mr. Beef and Scala’s. Essentially, its much like a French Dip Au Jus sandwich, or a New Orleans-style debris, where the beef is cooked in its own juices enhanced with broth and served “wet”. It’s fantastic.





Jack buys Vienna Beef sausages, buns, and genuine Chicago relish and pickles and sport peppers to serve on the hot dogs.


The array of condiments used for Chicago Dogs and Italian Beef.



J’s will soon be serving real smoked BBQ items as well.


The Italian Beef.


Italian Beef, with Giardinera on top.


Kielbasy on a roll.


Vienna Beef Chicago Dog, with Neon Green relish, Chicago pickles, Sport Peppers, Tomato, Chicago yellow mustard and Celery Salt on a Vienna Beef poppy seed roll.



4 Responses to NJ Dining: J’s Beef (CLOSED!)

  1. J says:

    Thank you for the kind words about our business and our food. We will be looking forward to the next time you stop in and visit.

    Again.. thank you.


  2. Mike says:

    Closed :( Bad location I think – closer to NYC may have gotten more Chicago ex-pats…

  3. cant print says:

    Nooooo! It can’t be closed! I’ve been searching for a place that serves IBS in the east coast…

  4. I’m happy to inform New Yorkers + Jersey residents that Chicago-style Italian Beef has finally arrived in NYC!!

    Starting April 2nd, 2016, 2nd City Beef will be at Brooklyn’s weekly food festival, Smorgasburg. Every Saturday we’ll be serving up slow-roasted grass-fed beef with housemade au jus and giardiniera. Stop by our booth, we love hearing from italian beef fans! Follow us on social or contact us for more info.
    http://www.2ndcitybeef.com | hello@2ndcitybeef.com

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