Memorial Day Thunder, Lightning, and Sausage

It was hot as hell today in Jersey. Rachel decided to stay at home while I went on a shopping trek to the Home Depot garden store to pick up some Zucchini and Cucumber plants (a failed mission on the Cukes, they didn't water them and they looked dried up and dead) eat lunch, get a haircut, and go food shopping. After an exhausting day zooming around in a car that clearly needed a freon recharge, I headed over to the supermarket to pick up some supplies. 'Lo and behold I find some nice freshly made Italian Sausage in the meat department. Grabbed some Cubanelle peppers and some other stuff, and raced home.

Well, I was planning to have a nice outdoor Memorial Day dinner, but mother nature interfered. Just as I step in the front door, we get hit with a major lightning storm. But did that deter me from firing up the Genesis C and performing my God-given right to grill up sausage on Memorial Day? Hell no. I was scared I was gonna get zapped, and I kept darting in and out of the house, thinking that would reduce the odds of getting hit with a bolt of lightning, but I think the results were worth it.


The weather may have failed us, but the trusty old Weber did not disappoint.

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