NJ Dining: La Batalla

La Batalla (formerly Cinco De Mayo)
83 N Washington Ave, Bergenfield, NJ
(201) 385-0303

In an earlier post about a local taqueria, Mi Pueblo I touched a bit about how Bergenfield is quickly becoming like a Little Puebla or Little Mexico City, with its influx of Mexican immigrants. La Batalla is a restaurant I’ve been going to for a couple of years now that I’ve become quite endeared of, because its this real dump of a place (although the owner is in the middle of doing some renovations that might make it more approachable by gringos) that makes amazing Mexican food. Quite frankly I think it gives places I’ve been to in Mexico City and Austin a run for its money. Don’t be scared off by its appearance, GO.



Interior is now fully renovated

Look, new tables!

A grocery section has recently been added

Get your chiles by the pound

Owner Santiago Huerta with Chicharrones

Y los chips

Mexican Coke, the Real Thing.

Squirt, a grapefruit flavored soda.

Sopa Poblano

Taquitos de Pollo y Bistec

Chicken Taquito closeup

Steak Taquito Closeup

Quesadilla de Chorizo


Chilequiles con Huevos


Bistec Envuelto


Sopes” cooking on the grill


Chile Rellenos


Chuletas de Puerco




Steak and Chicken Sopes


Steak La Batalla


Torta Milanesa


Taco de Carne Enchilada


Chalupas on the grill


Festival de Camarones



13 Responses to NJ Dining: La Batalla

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  2. daisy says:

    lawdy, lawd! it all looks SO good!

  3. Tia says:

    I lived in Arizona and have travelled to Mexico. This is one of my favorite places for authentic Mexican food. La Batalla is a hidden gem; definitely worth a ride.

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  5. patti says:

    my husband and i are avid mexican cuisine lovers, and we try a new place every chaance we get. la batalla sounded interesting and authentic, so we gave it a try. if you like saucy spicy food i would recommend it. if, like me, you prefer salads and grilled fajitas then this is not the place. my fajitas we smothered in sauce and the chicken was not grilled. the salad consisted of shredded lettuce which soaked up some of the sauce and was very unappealing. chips were somewhat greasy but the salsa was very good. my husband loved his chile rellanos, beans and rice. we had fun tho!

  6. Patti — La Batalla -IS- authentic. “Salads and grilled fajitas” is the type of stuff they serve at Tex-Mex restaurants like Jose Tejas. Its not what they specialize in or do best at La Batalla. Fajitas was invented in Texas as a way to serve unappealing cuts of meat to ranch hands, and over time its become part of the Tex-Mex food repertoire. As much as Americans like it, Mexican it ‘aint. See


    I think La Batalla serves those things for the people who come and don’t know what to order. You need to order traditional Mexican dishes there, not Tex-Mex stuff. La Batalla’s staff is from Puebla and Mexico City and those dishes from those indigenous areas are the best, such as Mole Poblano and the Taquitos.

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  8. DrFooMod2 says:

    When you see dishwashers and landscapers eating there, you know its the real deal! We order at least one a week.

  9. ben says:

    this place is awful, don’t go there….OK IM LYING.
    me, my girlfriend, and my 3 friends love this place. We refuse to tell anyone else about it for fear it will become crowded and won’t get the amazing food and service we’ve come to love from the entire Huerta family. The taquitos are amazing, every single kind; beef, pork, chorizo, tongue, chicken, etc. I love the sopas and the homemade sauces are to die for. When I get a to-go order I always request extra red and green sauce on the side to put on everything else I eat. The Chef Specials are amazing as well. Steak wrapped in cheese and bacon?!?!?! how can you go wrong? The only place I’ll go for mexican. I can’t stomach the fake tex-mex restaurants that are popping up everywhere. If you want authentic mexican food, go here

  10. Paul says:

    Excellent, authentic Mexican food. Chille rellanos are a must have. Nice people and great food.

  11. Alan says:

    I’ve lived in Bergenfield on and off most of my life, and I’ve seen this location as a real old time lunch counter, a pizzeria, and for the last number of years “La Battala.” All I can say is gracias a Dios por la battala. If you want good mexican food, (and no I’m not talking about the places with the endless combination plates, margaritas, and eating the worm, because I cooked for two bygone pseudo Tex Mex establishments, El Torito, and Casa Maria) La Battalla is the real deal. It’s good food man. Una hermosa cocina.

  12. Lee says:

    La Batalla is the best Mexican restaurant hands down. It’s authentic Mexican food. We order from here all the time and the family that runs the restaurant is just as wonderful as the food. They are super nice and it’s nice to frequent a Mom/Pop establishment. There’s hardly any of those around anymore.

  13. patsc23 says:

    In response to Patty – Fajitas? Seriously? If you want fajitas go to Chiles or something. If you want authentic Mexican food as if you are eating at someone’s house in Mexico – come to La Batalla.

    When I go, I only get taquitos as Im not a fan of foods smothered in red sauces and cheese. Instead I smother it in the spicy green tomatilla sauce. I go through nearly 3/4ths of a bottle of it on 5 taquitos – yes I like my food spicy. My wife likes to try different things but she usually ends up with the burrito, enchilada, taquito (substituted for taco) mix plate. It always looks very good but again, not a fan of the smothered red sauce.

    Their salsa is great, and agreed that the chips sometimes can be a bit greasy – guess it depends how fresh they are and when you go. I’ve taken out bags of chips and salsa for parties before and they were not as greasy.

    As for taquitos, I get a mix of pollo, carnitas, and bistec. I like them in that order. I noticed this past Sunday that they switched the pollo from white meat to dark meat – I usually prefer white meat, but the marinade and crisp to the dark meat was great – I hope this was a permanent change.

    Highly recommended for those looking for real Mexican food – this isnt Taco Bell.

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