NJ Dining: Noodle Chu

Noodle Chu Dim Sum Seafood
770 Us Highway 46, Parsippany, NJ
(973) 299-6518

Dim Sum is perhaps one of my favorite types of Asian food, primarily because of the instantaneous gratification factor. New Jersey is home to a number of really good Dim Sum parlors, and one of those happens to be Noodle Chu, on Route 46 in Parsippany. The Morris County area used to have several good Dim Sum parlors, including an East Hanover branch of Silver Pond (the excellent Hong Kong-style restaurant in Fort Lee and in Flushing, Queens) as well as Ocean King in Livingston, but those two have been gone for several years. Noodle Chu remains as the sole Dim Sum leader in the Parsippany area.


A view of one of the two large dining areas at Noodle Chu.


A selection of dumplings from the steamed cart.


Clams anyone?


A plate of clams in black bean sauce.


Braised E-Fu Mein noodles with Enoki Mushrooms and Chives.


Bean Curd Skin (Yuba) wrapped around shrimp paste.

12 Responses to NJ Dining: Noodle Chu

  1. AY says:

    Hey, great site. But could you please syndicate it in full for those of us who use newsreaders?

  2. Abe says:

    MY EXPERIENCE HERE WAS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! Perhaps the worst restaurant experience of my life. Wait staff was extremely rude from beginning to end and the food was oily and fatty. They rushed us in and out, making my girlfiend and I feel like an imposition, rather than welcomed guests. The level of absurdity of the way in which we were treated cannot be sufficiently communicated in writing. I would greatly implore you to choose a different establishment if you care at all to be treated with any decency or respect and served a decent meal.

  3. donna says:

    I agree with Abe. same experience.

  4. donna says:

    drive the few extra miles, pay the toll and go to chinatown for the best food and experience

  5. Kimberly says:

    This is upsetting; there’s an event there I’m attending in the restaurant and reading this isn’t helping the impression. I’ve also heard space-wise the restaurant isn’t too great on…

  6. Matt says:

    That’s rediculous. I’ve eaten there at least twenty or thirty times. I’ve never been rushed or treated rudely. What probably happened to Abe is that he’s never eaten dim sum before, and had no idea what to expect. They move carts by each table in turn and ask if you want anything from them. If you see a cart near you, and start asking for stuff, _you_ are being rude. Simply wait for them to get to your table. They are generally very busy, and have a lot of people to serve. The only problem I’ve ever had, actually, is that they are so crowded due to popularity that it is sometimes hard to get a server without resorting to flagging one down. Once you have somebody’s attention, though, they are generally happy to take special orders, drinks, etc. If “the level of absurdity” of how you were treated “cannot be sufficiently communicated in writing,” I have to ask what the hell happened there? Did they dump food on you and call you names? Or are you grossly exaggerating?

  7. Dave says:

    I love Noodle Chu, and I am just a kid who grew up in Bergen County. I cannot believe Abe’s experience, for me it is consistently the same, great… Perhaps Abe was intimidated as white europeans are few and far between at this place during dim sum brunch hours, but I take that as a good sign.

    It can be a little challenging, as they will come around with some pretty funky looking stuff and they are hard to understand, but just don’t be afraid to politely say no.

    My wife and I will take basically anything with shrimp in it, and we leave the rest!! It is all totally awesome. Ask for hot oil to dip your steamed shrimp dumplings (HarGow?) in. We like to experiment just a little and try one or two new things each time.

    We also order the house special fried rice to go with occasionally.

    Please do not let the reviews on this site stop you from trying Noodle Chu, right near Home Depot in Parsippany, a fabulous restaurant in my opinion…

    I think you want to get there Sunday morning about 11AM-12 Noon.


  8. Jackie says:

    I haven’t been to Dim Sum here but went for dinner, I had a great time, their menu is not your typical Chinese food finds, my friend and I shared a bowl of soup that was fantastic, everything was so fresh and the wait staff were courteous and helpful when we asked a few questions about the selections, I’d like to try the dim sum, it’s just getting there early enough is the problem. One note, when you go to a Chinese restaurant or any ethnic restaurant and see many ‘natives’ eating there you know it’s got to be good, because, why else would you want to pay for something you can make at home? That’s a gauge I use for sure. Overall a great dining experience!

  9. Eric says:

    I eat here at least two times a week… the food is always the same and consistently outstanding, I believe there are few places in Chinatown that are even this good. The dumpling noodle soup is amazing!! these people who had bad experiences probably ordered “normal” Chinese food the stuff I think they tend to whip out and frown upon. This is the real deal people.

  10. goaterie says:

    I just went to Noodle Chu for the first time last night about 6pm, having heard all the positive reports on the Chowhound board. I walked in the door and was bowled over by the odor of cigarette smoke. When I looked through the window at the back, into the kitchen, I saw why. There was a cook working with both hands on some food preparation with a lit cigarette hanging from his lips. Appalling. I love the smells of good food too much to tolerate such a thing.

    I turned around and walked out. I will not make the trip again (I drove 30 minutes to get there), but will stop in again on my way past to see if it was a one-time idiocy.

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  12. Don Cuevas says:

    Is Noodle Chu still in business, and still worth eating at? We’ll be in the area in August, and we LOVE good dim sum.

    Don Cuevas

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