NJ Dining: Burnet BBQ

Burnet Barbeque

1363 Burnet Ave, Union, NJ
(908) 687-0313

When it comes to Iberian food, Rachel and I tend to head into Newark’s Ironbound district. However, outside of Newark itself there are a number of other Portuguese eateries that are of notable mention, particularly the three branches of Burnet BBQ, which specialize in Portuguese-style rotisserie chicken. Burnet is known for its huge portions, a large plate of any of their dishes is sharable between two people. Order two plates for two people and you got lunch for the next day, easy.

In addition to their roasted chickens (click for video) of particular note are the Garlic Chicken and Garlic Shrimp, and their Picadinho (Sauteed Pork cubes with Shirmp / Clams).


The unremarkable storefront (original location on Burnet Ave. in Union) hides the magic rotisseries inside.


Chickens roasting


Shrimp in Garlic Sauce. Lots of shrimp and plenty of garlic.


Chicken in Garlic Sauce — this is a spicier version with more vinegar than typically found in Spanish restaurants.

3 Responses to NJ Dining: Burnet BBQ

  1. amber says:

    it’s located in Union NJ. You say that in the beginning, but then change the town to Union City– a very different town with a very different location and no Burnet BBQ. Just so your readers don’t get confused…

  2. Amy says:

    You should also try their pork sandwiches. They are very tasty. Just make sure you order early because they tend to run out of bread. One draw back, it gets reallybusy …. sometimes they make you wait a long time for your order even if you called in your order ahead of time.

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