Pimpstar: $15,000 Programmable Video Wheels

Have you ever seen that Pimp My Ride show where these bunch of gangsta' customizer dudes from L.A. take some unfortunate person's crappy car, fix it up nice and then totally stuff it full of over-the-top electronics? Most of the stuff they add to those cars seems totally pointless to me (like the 4000 watt stereos and the built-in fish tanks and the LCD monitors with X-Boxes and Playstations in the trunk) but the Pimpstar wheels are a modification I could see seriously adding to my car if I really had the throw away money. Talk about a distraction to other drivers, though.


What would you display on your Pimpstar wheels? I know what I'd put on mine… New York prime steaks, Cheeseburgers, Chili Dogs… Shrimp… Lobster… Fried Chicken… Italian Subs… Cannolis. Sushi.

One Response to Pimpstar: $15,000 Programmable Video Wheels

  1. TeknoMan says:

    If you’ve ever seen the Pimpstar Wheels promotional video floating around the web, you’ll know what I want… ;) I’d rather have the girl at the start of the video instead! =D

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