NYC Dining: Momofuku

Momofuku Noodle Bar

163 First Avenue (at 10th Street)
Manhattan (East Village)

Rachel and I went into the city after work today and decided to try out Momofuku, a narrow, unassuming Japanese / Asian-American fusion restaurant that's recently been made famous than by no other than Martha Stewart, who has been gracing its square stools of late and has promoted it on her show. I had been meaning to try it ever since it opened back in 2004. Not to be deterred by the possibility of a mob scene, we made it there just before the dinner rush and had our choice of seats, all noodle bar seating, right in the thick of the action.


The Menu


Red Rice Beer


Berkshire Pork-filled Steamed Buns


Deep-Fried Pigs Tails. It eats a lot better than it sounds, similar in taste/texture to ribs, but with little circular bones in them, and richer flavor. The side dish is pickled fennel, which I liked a lot.


These eggs are poached in the shell, in 140 degree water for a half an hour, and cracked into these small bowls before adding to the Ramen.


A view of the noodle bar.


Razor Clam Appetizer


These line chefs work really fast. You need to be really on the ball to catch them in a good shot.


Momofuku's Pan Fried Pork Dumplings. There were more Chinese-style dumplings than Japanese Gyoza, but they were excellent nevertheless.


Momofuku Ramen Noodles with Berkshire Pork


Momofuku Somen. This is a cold noodle dish with cold, refreshing dipping broth on the side. A very appropriate dish for a very warm day.


I didn't order these guys but I just had to snap a photo of them. These live crawfish, flown in from Louisiana, went kicking and screaming all the way to the saute pan. Now that's fresh.

4 Responses to NYC Dining: Momofuku

  1. Dave Chang says:

    hey guys, glad you enjoyed it, but the dumplings are $6 not $8 as Rachel mentioned on egullet, I know it’s hardly a bargain, but definately not $8. thanks, dave

  2. […] Yesterday I had the opportunity to photograph David Chang’s new restaurant, Momofuku Ssäm Bar, just prior to its opening day. The space on second avenue is more than twice the size of the original location on 1st and 10th however it sports a much more limited menu, essentially four items, focusing on the Ssäm, David Chang’s Koreanized interpretation of the Burrito. The steamed buns from the original restaurant will also be served, however they will use pork shoulder instead of pork belly. […]

  3. tj hock says:

    The same fried dumplings can be got at Fried Dumplings on Mosko St. (or Allen St) at the incredibly cheaper price (5 dumplings for $1).

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