Keeping in Constant Contact

To better keep in contact with those of you who have been following the blog and podcast the last several months, I've now subscribed to the Constant Contact e-mail marketing service.

Now, don't get too excited. I'm not interested in selling you anything and I'm not gonna sell your email address to some sexual enhancement SPAM marketer or some bunch of alien cult fanatics. This is simply just a means of me being able to let you know when I've posted a major new addition to the site, such as a new podcast (and we got some juicy guests lined up this summer for you) or to let you know what other things I have been working on that you might be interested in. You can automatically opt-out at any time, because the email that Constant Contact sends you whenever I send out an update has a link to unsubscribe you from the list. So trust me, it's painless. Simply click on the "Join Jason's Mailing List" icon on the upper right of the screen:

and follow the instructions. We've got lots of stuff planned for Off The Broiler and for other interesting projects I'm working on, and I want you guys to know about it first.

One Response to Keeping in Constant Contact

  1. I’ve heard that other sites offer pies to loyal readers. You should consider a similar incentive.

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