Podcast #12: Amazing Hot Dog Rises From the Ashes

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Caped Crusader Dog (Chili, Creamy Cole Slaw and Spicy Jalapenos)


Nacho Dog (Guacamole, Salsa and Sour Cream)


Jersey Breakfast Dog (Fried Egg and Melted American Cheese)


BLT Dog and Hawaii Five-O Dog (Teriyaki sauce with Crushed Pineapple, Sesame Seeds and Scallion)


My Schmiero (Cream Cheese and Scallions)


Hotburger Hamdog Cross Section


Hotburger Hamdog with Chili and Cheez Whiz


French Fries, Belgian Style


Hand Cut French Fry Technique


“Amazing” dogs fresh out of the fryulator


A meal fit for a king

7 Responses to Podcast #12: Amazing Hot Dog Rises From the Ashes

  1. John Fox says:

    Damn Jason! Great pictures. You could make a plate of shit look appetizing.

  2. Jane says:

    The food looks great.

  3. LHM says:


    A challenger to my gourmet hot dog empire.

    I’m still in the process of conquering SE Asia though.

    Here is a recent review

    Hot Dog! Malaysia

  4. […] Hot Dogs are a huge phenomenon in New Jersey — there are literally tons of places that specialize in them, and all of them have loyal fans, depending on what town you grew up in and if your parents or grandparents first brought you there. Many of the Dog joints in Jersey fixate on the  deep fried variety but there are few remaining old-school places that do a New York-style “dirty water dog”. One of these is Hank’s Franks, in Lodi. […]

  5. […] Amazing Hot Dog (click for OTB podcast) won for best deep fried dog and Hiram’s in Fort Lee won for best Chili dog. Syds grabbed the gold for the best grilled dog. These are three of my most favorite hot dog places, ever. […]

  6. […] not just Philly consumers who love the buttery buns, either.  Jason Perlow, founder of eGullet, lauds the rolls as a critical  to the appeal of his favorite hot dogs from Amazing Hot Dog in New Jersey.  Danny […]

  7. […] was formerly owner of the late, great Amazing Hot Dog in Verona, NJ. He may not own a restaurant anymore, but he’s keeping himself busy. Lately, […]

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