New Orleans Dining: Drago’s

Drago’s Restaurant
3232 N. Arnoult Rd, Metairie LA
(504) 888-9254

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On the last night of our 2005 New Orleans trip, we visited perhaps one of my favorite spots in the entire city — Drago’s, in nearby Metairie.

Drago’s, like many oyster specialists in New Orleans, excels at raw oysters and many of their customers do like to eat them that way:


This very nice and highly skilled shucker handed me two freshly shucked oysters to eat just because I was intently watching him work.


The main event, however, which distinguishes this restaurant from all others in the city, are the char-broiled oysters.

I will state emphatically that under no circumstances, do you leave New Orleans without first having some char broiled oysters at Drago’s. They are by far the single best cooked Oyster preparation that I have ever had in my life. As far as I am concerned you can pass on Cafe Du Monde if you have to, but do not pass on Drago’s.

Drago’s takes big, juicy, freshly shucked Louisiana oysters, throws them on huge fiery charcoal grill, and after cooking them for a bit in their own juices, they ladle a pecorino romano/butter/parsley/garlic sauce on top of them, which becomes sort of like a crust after it cooks. The oysters are juicy, charcoal smoky, garlicky, cheesy, herbal, all at the same time, and the “sauce” that they render on the plate which you sop up with Louisiana french bread is simply mind blowingly good.

Sure, Drago’s is a full service seafood restaurant, and it has an incredible bar scene. The place is hopping with locals, packing the bar and every avaliable table. But we came for the Char Broileds.







I’m not sure if it’s really possible to completely reproduce these on a backyard grill. But Danno at seems to have done a pretty good job.

The owners of Drago’s, the Cvitanovich family, are good people too. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the restaurant passed out thousands of meals to relief workers and anyone who showed up at their door for FREE. I can’t think of a better way of paying them back than if every person who vists the city shows up at this great New Orleans restaurant and orders a couple dozen of these babies apeice.

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