Taco Taco… Burrito.

Burrito. Taco taco. Burrito. Taco. Taco taco.

Don't think just because I got a lot of money, I'll give you taco-flavored kisses, honey.

Fulfill all your wishes with my taco-flavored kisses! Taco taco.

Baby, let's make a run for the border, I've got a hunger only tacos can stop.

I know exactly what I'll order
three tacos, two tostadas, and a soda pop.

Yea-ah, and don't forget the hot sauce, chulo.
Jennifer Lopez, Taco Flavored Kisses

In Austin, better than above average Mexican food is pretty easy to come by, even near the major hotels and away from the downtown areas of the city. My first night in Austin I was beat tired, I needed something to eat, I wasn't up for anything fancy, and I needed something quick so I could go back to my room and crash. On the side road off of Interstate 35, I noticed signage in Spanish for a local taco place, "Taqueria Arandinas". YES! Tacos!

As it turns out there are multiple locations for Taqueria Arandinas and the one I visited was a relatively new location, just down the road from the Doubletee Hotel on La Posada.


Here we got tacos de fajita, barbacoa, al pastor, pollo, and "crunchy" picadillo.


Salsa and Chipotle sauce.


Kids pumping quarters into the jukebox playing Tejano music.


Sopes de Fajita. Essentialy a grilled corn masa disc with beef and cheese and stuff on top.


Burrito with scrambled eggs and chorizo, with refried beans, cheese, lettuce and tomato.

I can't be sure if Arandinas is considered to be one of the better taco places in Austin, but I would say it was pretty darn good, and it was dirt cheap. What I can't figure out is why a city like Austin would even have fast food garbage Mexican like Taco Bell with places like this in abundance — and what's crazy is that people actually eat at them. Perhaps its the more friendlier English-speaking atmosphere at Taco Bell, but there's no comparison to that and what I ate here.

4 Responses to Taco Taco… Burrito.

  1. Odd isn’t. It’s kind of link in New Orleans when people actually eat at Subway instead of getting a po-boy.

  2. There are plenty of Taco Bells in Phoenix, too, as well as a couple of El Toritos. As a food appreciator, I find it appalling, considering the number of great Mexican restaurants (which are also local and family-owned). However, I think I understand the appeal, which is the same as McDonalds: Taco Bell is predictable. For some people, consistency is more important than “man, does this taste awesome.” As is the perception that the food will be delivered instantly.

  3. Owen O'Neill says:

    Yeah… that mirrors my Austin experience of a few years back. I was there for a music weekend and staying at a hotel by the end of 6th Street near the expressway. So-so food on 6th Street but walking a block or so into the Mexican neighborhood just on the other side of the highway yielded a handful of taqueria’s and family run joints. My breakfast waitress was all of about age 12 or 13 but her mom kept a careful eye on her – the service was good.

    And the huevo’s rancheros were fantastic. It was really just “build your own”. Cooked pinto beans, a handful of tortillas, freshly made salsa and two perfectly poached eggs on the plate. And great hot sauce nearby. I just wish I could get food like that around here.

  4. Jon says:

    I don’t care what anyone says. I think people who voluntarily eat at Taco Bell when there’s a real Mexican place anywhere near should be shot!

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