In a Disaster Area, Barbecue Heals

While Rachel and I were driving around St. Bernard, we saw a pickup truck parked in an abandoned lot where a shuttered Po Boy shop used to be, with a barbecue rig on the flatbed cooking up some ribs and sausage. It smelled amazing, and we had to stop.





I pulled the car into the lot, and asked the man how much it cost for a plate.

"Nothing, we're just giving it out to people. You want some?".

I said to him, "Look, we're not from around here, I'm a writer from New Jersey. Why don't you give me some of those ribs, a Coke, and a Hawaiian Punch, I'll give you this ten dollar bill here, and you go buy some more ribs and sausage to cook for these folks and that will be just fine. I don't deserve to eat your ribs without paying for it."

The man thanked me and we went into the car and had our snack. The ribs were a bit chewy, but they were real smoky and tasted good. And it made me feel good to help someone who was helping others. 

2 Responses to In a Disaster Area, Barbecue Heals

  1. Tim P. says:

    I’ll bet you made him feel very good about the world right then, even for a minute.

  2. jo says:

    That is cool of you to do that, I pass a similar set-up here in Raleigh on South st ever saturday but haven’t stopped. You’ve whetted my appetite for this street grub. Too late today, but will be doing it next Sat.

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