Breakfast at Mother’s

Mother's is by far the most famous 'Po Boy eatery in the entire city, and it has throngs of devoted fans, including US presidents and major celebrities. But Mother's is an everyman's sort of place, and irregardless of your station in life, every patron is treated the same way — you line up to the counter, place your order, and take your stuff to an avaliable table. Today we went for breakfast/brunch, as Mother's is just down the street from our downtown hotel.


The "reduced" version of Mother's menu.


The original menu. Not all the items are avaliable yet as the restaurant is still coming back up to speed.



As you can see, come about 10am on Saturday morning, quite crowd starts to queue up.





The debris Po Boy, one of Mother's signature items. Debris is the roast beef that falls off into the jus during roasting. Roast beef debris has completely fallen apart, taking on a texture similar to Puerto Rican ropa vieja.


A Ms. Mae's Omelette with grits.


Shrimp Creole Omelette.


Shrimp Etouffee Omelette.


Fresh made biscuits.

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