NJ Dining: Mi Pueblo / Bergenfield

NOTE: Mi Pueblo has changed ownership and is now El Paso II (click for new review).

As this is a Jersey weblog, I’m going to start featuring interesting local Northern NJ eateries and restaurants, along with photographs of the dishes they serve.

Mi Pueblo Grocery
(201) 385-0266
71 S Washington Ave
Bergenfield, NJ

Mi Pueblo is a small Mexico-city style taqueria in Bergenfield on Washington Avenue that’s been around for several years, but recently remodeled their back area and added some tables and expanded their menu. They’re known primarily for Taquitos, plates of four small tacos for $5 (with your choice of meat filling) as well as Tortas, a type of Mexican Dagwood sandwich.


Taquitos de Bistec (Seasoned Steak) and Carne Enchilada (Spicy Pork)


Salsamaniacs rejoice. Not sure what type of hot sauce to put on your taquitos? Try them all: tomatillo, chipotle, chile verde, and the badass red stuff.

Torta de Cubana

Torta Cubana. Despite the name, it bears no resemblence to Cuban Sandwiches (Cubanos). This monster has the entire kitchen sink on it — Fried Eggs, Ham, Sliced Grilled Hot Dogs, Cheese, Bacon, Fried Cutlet and Avocado.


Chicken Quesadilla. This version is deep fried and filled with shredded chicken meat, and topped with Queso Fresco, shredded lettuce and Mexican sour cream.


The store also features a small grocery, where you can buy Mexican canned and dried goods, fresh vegetables (including chiles and tomatillos) and tortillas, cheese and meats (chorizo, etc) and home-made mole sauce. You’ll also find unusual items like Mexican brands of ramen noodles, such as the kind pictured above. If you choose to try the Ramen, you’ll want to take home some refrescos (Mexican soda pop) because they have 1600mg of Sodium per cup. Ouch!

The store and restaurant is open 7 days a week and open until 10PM.

5 Responses to NJ Dining: Mi Pueblo / Bergenfield

  1. Tongo Rad says:

    Niiiice- that quesadilla looks really freakin’ good. I went for the first time a couple of days ago and couldn’t resist the taquitos. The sauces are great, particularly the chipotle, but they didn’t give me the ‘badass red stuff’. I’ll have to learn how to ask for it in Spanish before I go again…

  2. Gabby says:

    Okaii well this restaurant belongs to my parents i work here part time and i hope people like our food my mother and the chef are very good cookks and i hope you all like our food!!!

  3. […] I believe that I have already established that I am a big fan of authentic Mexican street food (2) (3), and I like a legitimately prepared taquito as much as any serious Mexican food aficionados. That being said, I don’t think there is anything wrong with the style of Tex-Mex stuff you get at the fast food chains like Taco Bell. My problem is with the quality of ingredients and the freshness of what you are getting. Taco Bell stuff sits in steam trays for hours and they use crappy quality lettuce and vegetables which are all wilted and gross. I believe that with just a small amount of effort, you can create your own Taco Bell-like creations in the privacy of your own home, which nobody has to see you eat, and that won’t make you violently ill afterwards. I think that’s a good thing. […]

  4. […] Recently, this happened when Mi Pueblo Grocery in Bergenfield recently closed down. Mi Pueblo had become an important standby for me, a place where I could go and grab a quick and cheap lunch in-between my usual home office workday drudgery of preparing system integration proposals and focusing my otherwise food-obsessed mind  on more mundane, technical matters. […]

  5. Sharrah says:

    Just curious if you have a recipe for carne enchilada. I went to Mexico a while back and went to a taco stand that had carne enchilada and I looooooooved it! Oh, and ALL food is 10x better there – probably b/c the meat is fresh, not refrigerated… :)

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